Dr. Delbert Blair – A Day of Remembrance – February 13th

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Greetings Everyone,


If you didn’t know today 02/13 is Dr. Blair’s born day.

Many lives have been changed over the many decades he taught metaphysics and history of the world that has been left out of general discussion unfortunately.  With this knowledge it has a awakened people from coast to coast of all ages and races a like.

He always had warm welcomes when he traveled to the East Coast, West Coast and to the South.

Plus you couldn’t believe the multitude of calls he received daily.  Some of them dealt with the unknown of this world while others just were absolutely hilarious.

So as I am here typing this and you’re reading where ever you may be, what does it actually mean to move forward?

Also, what if anything can be shared from being around a man such as Dr. Blair on a daily basis on this plane of existence?

We will be exploring these questions and more on tonight’s podcast.


Metaphysics Speaks

7pm – 9pm Central Standard Time

Call-in: (323) 870-3430

Web address to listen online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/metaphysicsspeaks


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Talk to you soon,


P.S. in the meantime comment below on how he may have enlightened your journey!