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Sharday, a Meta-Center supporter and member has gifted the community with FREE trigger point charts below which may help in combination with your own self-care routine.

A thank you to Sharday!

***Disclaimer : this is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult your physician with any questions or concerns regarding the use of alternative medicine healing modalities.

Part of knowing thyself is to understand the  anatomy of the human body. From muscles to trigger point sites and accupresure points, knowledge of the structure of the human body and energy flow may help to identify what may be occurring deep below the surface and possibly alleviate chronic issues.

What are Trigger Points?

focal “sore” spots of soft tissue within a contracted muscle creating pain and dysfunction. Direct compression can elicit a jump sign or a local twitch response. Jump sign is a behavioral response to the pressure applied to the “sore” spot. A local twitch response is a visible muscle contraction once pressure is applied to the “sore” spot. Typically holding the area pressed down with your two forefingers for 7 seconds and then slowly easing up pressure will cause relief when done carefully.

What are Acupressure points?

Where energy gets blocked and what is best used to relieve pain or tension.
The two most common Asian healing systems are Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. Both systems are based on  points and meridian channels within the body.

What is Chakra, Color, Music Therapy?

Many cultures describe the energy centers within the body by different names. These centers correlate to body functions, nerves and Glands. The most common is called the Chakra system. The colors correspond to the light spectrum of the rainbow. Each chakra center correlates a music note within the basic music scale.



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