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We are conducting a poll on the story below.  Please read and then click the link below to take the poll.


The Story:

You come from a divine lineage that measures its lifespan in ages, not years.

Rather you are male or female everyone is:

  • 10 feet tall
  • Perfectly formed facial structures which fit the golden ratio (PI)
  • Body structure of which many lessor life forms consider that of the God(s)
  • Super intelligence

The above description is the norm of your people and has been for countless millennia.


But one day, rather male or female you were reborn as child whom:

  • Was only 3 foot 4 inches tall
  • Malformed facial structure.. nose is bent, ears cupped, and eyes much further a part then normal
  • Body structure has deformities, a gimpy leg, and one arm is much shorter than the other
  • Intelligence is considered mentally challenged, unable to form a complete sentence

A choice is presented to you, the red pill OR the blue pill?

The Red Pill:

  • You want to know why you were reborn this way (could it be the water? food? a curse? the gods?)
  • In knowing this truth, doesn’t mean you will have a solution to this truth, you may never find the solution
  • You would potentially have to live your days with the burden of knowing the reality of your situation, without being able to do anything about it

The Blue Pill:

  • You do not want to know why you were reborn this way.  You want to remain clueless of this burden/reason
  • You don’t care if there is a solution because you didn’t care to know the reason for this issue in the first place
  • This allows you to live more so carefree…. in a state of bliss one could say as you are not burdened from the truth of your reality.

Please be completely honest in your choice at the link below.  Many claim verbally they want to know the truth of the world around them, the truth of themselves, but is this actually true?



Tony Vortex
S.T.E.M. | Clinical Herbalist | Healer - Tony is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. At age 11 he began to study plant life and their healing mechanisms as it bothered him deeply to see so many older family members needlessly sick. Throughout the years he has been sharing what he knows so that others may live a life full of abundance while exploring its mysteries.

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