Greetings Everyone,


So here’s an update from yesterdays targeting.




Yep 100% back in full affect.


So what happened?


Well the long story short is that after being targeted took us off YouTube I wrote them a very specific email about who we are, in combination with the power of thought from the community, (it was amazing how many of you all were absolutely annoyed and some quite angry about it all) they replied back with this specific email stating:

So why was The Meta-Center targeted?


Well… what I’m about to state many of you don’t know, but some of you do.

This is not the first time we have been targeted by nefarious draconian forces. 


For example:


Action: a podcast will be put out concerning the health and wellness of the community and how certain steps need to be put forth to make the community stronger.

Reaction: angry emails and/or calls stating that we should let the community crumble, or how we can’t stop negativity that has took over most peoples minds.

Action: Thanking the community for your continued patronage (which happens just about every podcast)

Reaction: F**K YOU emails stating we don’t really care

Action: Atmospheric Balloon Launch + Manifestation Wednesday’s

Reaction: Account shut down


And don’t let me even tell you about the days with Dr. Delbert Blair and all the battles with the demons in the Astral Plane that took place. 

Yeah buddy…  Quite a few ribbons of valor have been earned.


There are many more examples…


But who did it?


A minion… Literally….. a minion who was angry first about the audacity of us, leading by example, and showing what can be done when one is walking ‘their’ path, and what took their anger overboard was the manifestation Wednesday’s podcast.


The moment Episode #01 went up I had to delete and block (2) people who kept stating how I’m just wasting my time and stop trying to save the ‘lost’.


Again this is nothing new, it happens periodically.


So long story short, the minion got so angry it used it’s little energy to try to disrupt a grand plan.  And it backfired.


Ever more powerful thought-forms now in progress stay tuned.


Episode #2 of Manifestation Wednesday’s will be up on Youtube in about 2 hours


On this Saturday August 7th, we will be having a podcast showing some of the footage captured and the escapades that took place during the retrieval of the payload =)


Also during the podcast we will be disclosing of a project coming to a conclusion that will be needed during these turbulent times =)


Thank you all as usual,


~Tony @ The Meta-Center



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