Greetings Everyone,

A podcast is upcoming for this Sunday or Monday (July 4th/5th).

Get ready =)

Also, we are running a raffle from now until Sunday July 4th @ 2pm Central Standard Time.

The winner will have a choice between the Astro-Security or Prosperity Astrological Charts.

To be entered, just click on the CONTACT US HERE and send an email with your full name AND phone number.

IF you win, to complete the charts you will need your birth date, exact birth time, and birth place. If you do not have this information and you know you won’t have it by Sunday, do not enter.  As winner will be contacted immediately after 2pm CST for this information.  If no response, we will draw again.

The Winners chart (not personal details) will be read on the podcast so others can see how powerful these charts can be.  Winner will also receive a copy of their chart via email.

This month will be full of interesting classes and projects, stay tuned,

Till the next time we speak,

Take care,


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