Nigerian-Americans have the highest average educational attainment of ANY ethnic group in the United States. A huge percentage of them are doctors.

“If you see an average Nigerian family, everybody has a college degree these days,” said Udeh, 32, a physical therapist at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. “But a post-graduate degree, that’s like pride for the family.”

Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in this city and the nation, surpassing whites and Asians, according to Census data bolstered by an analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted by Rice University.

Although they make up a tiny portion of the U.S. population, a whopping 17 percent of all Nigerians in this country held master’s degrees while 4 percent had a doctorate, according to the 2006 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, 37 percent had bachelor’s degrees.


This post was put up to state…


That their are very intelligent people all over the place of ALL races and cultures BUT it’s what you do with that intelligence that matters.


Example….. One may be a MASTER inventor and can invent ANYTHING… like a Nikola Tesla.  But the pursuits are strictly for financial gain instead of freeing the world from the binds of control mechanisms.  When devices can easily be created with plans put out on the internet for any and all to create.


This ability is amongst the people of the world, but are their minds open enough to the possibilities that are beyond what can only be seen with the eyes?


Time will tell.



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