As many of you could expect; during this time many orders are being placed by the individual as well as families/groups.  These are coming in so much that there is a slight delay in getting them out which I’m sure you can understand.

Don’t worry, all orders are being fulfilled and dispatched as quickly as possible.

Orders are first come, first dispatched.

Because of your continued patronage we are here to do what we always have done. 

Be that beacon of light in the darkness.


Thank you as always and be well.


~The Meta Center


P.S., all across the internet many health/supplement websites (even amazon) are increasing their prices to take ‘advantage’ of this situation.  Take note of this so when this situation passes, you will know who stood by you as you stood by them.


Immune System Offerings for the Meta-Center Family:

Be Well – A Seasonal Vibration Enhancing Formula – 9oz

May help to limit the seasonal ills, while fortifying internal defenses

Colloidal Silver – 2oz

Colloidal Silver – 4oz

May help as a topical wound dressing, anti-bacterial agent, and booster of immunity

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 2oz

Colloidal Gold Liquid – 4oz 

May Boost Vibration & Frequency, Immunity Support

Toxin Therapy – 60 v-caps

May help Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals within Body

Other supplements you should take:

Vitamin C (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources but worst case a plant based supplement)

Vitamin D3 

Zinc (Ideally from fresh fruit/veggie sources)

Licorice root

Sunlight (Yes actual SUNLIGHT, get out, absorb it!)

Relax (New relaxing/stress product coming in a few days)


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