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Just a FYI for those who may not know.
Many have heard and are hearing a bit more about this ‘Coronavirus’ virus (see picture). As such there are two precautionary measures one can take.
Click HERE for a auto updating map showing the infection progress.
1. Get a N95 mask this mask does NOTHING against this virus directly, BUT there is so much sickness around that having this is better than nothing.  These mask can be purchased on amazon HERE and at your local hardware store.  Keep one on you if traveling by plane and I would wear it the entire time while in the airport especially if it’s the type of airport that houses international travelers.  The elderly and children are the most susceptible. 
2. The best mask for these types of viruses and bacterial are actually full face gas mask with filters (crbn mask).  Yes, the type you would see on the plague doctor in Victorian pictures.
An example of full mask below and for others click HERE
A few days ago a 4chan anon crunched some numbers and found that the number of SO2 (which can be produced by burning organic matter) released into the atmosphere from an empty field next to Wuhan would indicate over 13000 bodies being burned. This, combined with the fact that they’re shutting down whole apartment blocks and lines of white vans are being seen leaving the city indicates that China is definitely lying about the number of infected and dead from Coronavirus.

Paper from the Lancet (HERE) put the number of infected at around 20x official reports and pegged the mortality rate near 3% (though this value has a high degree of uncertainty).

Night now, Wuhan has 22,112 official cases [(source). If the Lancet article is right, that converts to approximately 442,000 real cases.

(442,000) X (3% mortality) = ~13,000

More context for those who haven’t been following, that I’ve stolen from below
Total SARS deaths was 774, while 2019-nCoV has officially taken 723 as of today. While SARS likely has a much higher mortality rate, take a look at the [graphical comparison of their case counts](Source) (hasn’t been updated in a while, total hit 34,800 today). The scale of the infections has already grown far higher than in 2003, requiring more significant mitigation measures needed to stem the spread. Right now it’s still fairly exponential, though hopefully slowing… official numbers have it 3,500 new cases today, 3,200 yesterday. Unfortunately 2019-nCoV will be nearly an order of magnitude more infected (again, by dubiously low official numbers) by middle of next week, at which time it’ll be adding as many new infected a day as SARS did total.

Alternative theory: They could be culling chickens infected with H5N1 or disposing of chickens that starved to due to an inability to ship in feed. There are 348 million chickens in Hubei. There is easily enough chickens to create those SO2 numbers. Chinese farms have culled livestock with fire in the past. There is video of Chinese farmers setting live pig on fire then burying them during the swine flu epidemic.

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Lastly, keep your eyes wide open, ears clear so you’re able to hear and your mind focused.



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