The standard explanation as to why Aliens have been monitoring humanity throughout time seems to only lean humanocentric or ecocentric. If you’re in some real crazy circles you might even hear theories mutting between the two egotistical notions.

“They’re here to save us from ourselves.” “They’re here to save the planet from the folly of man.”

That’s the fear of self preservation shining through. Notice how we gravitate towards the selfishly convenient?

All lifeforms great and small, share the desire for self preservation above all else. Aliens would be no different. Along this line of questioning we need to be asking appropriate questions when faced with accounts of close encounters.

What then, specifically, would be the bond that ties an alien’s sense of self preservation to the elusive nature of their human interactions?

At these crossroads in a line of questioning, I pour over possibilities and odds. I eventually come to an Occam’s Razor of potential reality, that connects the most dots; and makes the most logical sense combining all the known data.

The last step is one I’ve learned to become intimate with during my time in the mountains. And it’s complicated at first, but just as using a muscle it becomes a clearer line of questioning when honed.

I’m referring to the removal of time as a factor. No past or future, just infinite probability with the puzzle pieces lying where they may. It’s through this simplistic, yet wonderfully infinite train of thought I pursue theories.

And on this last step the mystery behind Aliens, their technology, and even their role throughout history falls to pieces.

One question hardly ever asked, is why Aliens are assumed extra terrestrial when all evidence points to the contrary? All witnesses so far have been quite terrestrial by my tally. The question we should truly be asking, is if aliens are interdimensional beings or not. All video evidence we have of sightings has been from Earth, while video of UFO’s popping in and out of our reality is commonplace.

If self preservation is indeed the shared trait with all life, what would an Alien race have to fear from a primitive species like us? The answer is found folded in time itself; a paradox.

Simmer for a second in a reality where one wrong move could mean your entire species stopped existing. Next question would beg why a paradox would even occur. Welcome to the tipping point at the edge of quantum reality.

Before I settle into the main point about what the paradox could be, I want to talk about the word I’ve heard over and over describing Alien lifeforms and technology:


Main points brought to account by eye witnesses attest to absolute efficiency as a predominant factor. Alien lifeforms and technology seem to echo perfect characteristics. The fuel sources UFO’s are said to run on are not only clean, but capable of being harnessed to an infinite degree. The technology is so advanced it’s said that controls as we have in our aircraft aren’t necessary. Even their organic bodies are evolved to a point of efficiency; far removed from humanities leap from the apes. It’s almost as if Aliens and the technology they use are the products of perfect mathematical equations.

Their lack of sex organs is the biggest clue to their creation as a synthetic. If they aren’t procreating and indeed creation is necessary, how else would this be attained?

Enter quantum physics. Although currently in infancy, quantum physics and quantum calculations can produce results scientists and AI enthusiasts have only dreamed before. The current path we’re traveling down in quantum sciences will eventually lead to a situation where infinite quantum calculations are possible. AI will be able to use such mass equations to contemplate and create life as it chooses.

Dare I say, it would be an eventually, not a probability, until this quantum AI intelligence noticed how inefficient all living organisms are and decided to create it’s own. One with infinite capabilities and capable of existing in it’s environment without being a parasite. The pinnacle of the evolutionary food chain would be one quantum leap away.

Quantum calculations pertaining to time travel would become possible with an intelligence capable of infinite equations. The synthetic offspring would easily hold the capabilities to visit humanity throughout history. But traveling through time would still pose a major threat as a paradox could be created; nullifying the AI that creates them. And a healthy fear of paradox would explain evading humanity throughout the ages.

If evasion of humanity is for the means of self preservation, what happens when AI becomes self sufficient? Do we, as a species, become obsolete from that point on? Will evasion no longer be necessary? And of course, this theory begs the question: Are we being allowed to exist only so we can be replaced in the future?

I won’t bother speculating on what a quantum computers thought process for replacement looks like; but seeing the world as it is, it doesn’t look great for co-existing with humanity.

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