**To Manage Man**

Homo divinus created homo sapiens as slaves, as miners, to do their hard work for them. Humans were not created out of the goodness of the gods’ hearts, but from their laziness and desire to both be efficient and work less (a VERY hominid trait which we inherited). Establishing homo sapien self-management was simply ANOTHER lessening of homo divinus’ burdens. It was only later that the gods started to see humans as something other than a tool to be used or a product to be harvested.

The Secret God Project was an innovation started roughly one sar (3,600 years) ago, designed to allow homo divinus to operate within the homo sapien hierarchy rather than simply being the gods and goddesses directing that hierarchy from above. Instead of being the gods (I’m going to follow the tradition of just using the male reference as the generic, apologies to anyone who would prefer I do otherwise, no offense intended) telling the homo sapien priests what to do, homo divinus would put on homo sapien bodies (with some needed genetic modifications done beforehand) and BE some of the priests interpreting the words of the gods who had now become silent. Homo sapiens would be the Kings, making the decisions and taking actions, with homo divinus priests advising them and acting as a bumper when things start going off the rails by employing “whatever means necessary” (the general Secret God strategy diversified into many forms).

But this new growth opportunity for mankind was also a recipe for disaster since homo sapiens are a particularly disagreeable and unruly species of hominid. In order to make sure their human populations did not melt down like Chernobyl, the gods instituted their Secret God program to help maintain order and direct from within while letting homo sapiens make the final decision (with the gods holding veto power, of course). This would allow the homo sapien Kings to start making real impactful decisions, rather than simply following the orders of the gods and instructing the people under them. With the new phase of the Divine Plan, homo sapiens were getting promoted to middle management.

**Every Breath You Take, They’ll Be Watching You**

While homo divinus have their chosen Bloodlines that they carefully shepherd over the millennia, that’s not their only manner of managing homo sapiens from within. Secret Gods are always in play, homo divinus who will incarnate in bodies that for all intents and purposes ARE homo sapien, but with a little something-something special to set them apart.

The Secret Gods are not the leaders and rulers, that role was reserved for homo sapiens. Instead, the homo divinus who played the Secret God role were the advisers and powers behind the throne, the teachers who opened possibilities, and the fixers who did what needed to be done. Being the leader or ruler would defeat the very purpose of the Divine Plan of getting homo sapiens trained to take care of themselves. The Secret Gods have been the “training wheels” which have tended to keep humans on more or less the right track (as determined from the gods’ POV).

These Secret Gods tend follow patterns in their incarnations throughout history. One common form is the “priesthood”, where control is exerted through the priests of the gods who authorize the Kingship in the first place. This allows the priests to choose the path that the Kingship over humans takes, often invoke arcane and long forgotten (or recently made up) points of ecclesiastical law to shape the King’s decisions and the Kingdom’s direction. Only when a new King met the approval of the priests would he receive the “keys to the kingdom” with the official rituals empowering him.

The Secret Gods rarely come from high in the Bloodlines themselves, usually coming from lower nobility, commoners, or seemingly nowhere. Individuals from the Bloodlines can renounce their temporal power in order to become a teacher or fixer (FAR too easy and tempting for a homo divinus in the adviser role to end up with the wheel of power in their hands either by their own weakness or circumstance). These Secret Gods come as the teachers, prophets, and thinkers, opening the doors for others to walk through.

Another favorite Secret God tactic was to mysterious outsider who seemed to come from nowhere and ingratiate himself into the intimacies of the shakers and doers of the day, often to slip back to nowhere after their work was done. These Secret Gods start and operate those “secret societies” (yes, the Secret Gods run the secret societies) that everyone gets so worked up about.

**This Ain’t No Party, This Ain’t No Disco, This Ain’t No Fooling Around**

The homo divinus agenda ranges across the entire spectrum, it’s not necessarily “all good” or “all bad”. They are trying to teach homo sapiens how to function in Reality, and that requires people to learn how to handle the power that their wield. What homo divinus is doing is rather like a parent raising their child, and we are currently in the rebellious adolescent stage. We don’t listen well, we think we’ve got it all figured out, and we regularly wreck the car and go over our allowance and expect the gods to just take care of things (which they do, but no always without grumbling or exacting some sort of penalty).

The Secret Gods did not always come as wise men, but sometimes as wise guys, fixers, and cleaners. They did the dirty work that needed to be done (the Assassin’s Creed video game series has done a great job spinning a narrative over this variety of Secret God). The homo divinus cleaners have taken many names over the years, the Hashashin, the Inquisition, the Praetorian Guard, etc. The Smithsonian has done a great job for the gods covering the evidence of the Giants which populated America long LONG ago.

**They Are ALL Part of the Same Club**

Even though all the various Secret Gods may look like they are pursuing opposing agendas, they are all ultimately on the same team even if all of them have not gotten the same memos. They are ALL trying to increase homo sapiens ability to take care of themselves. The most effective training methods employ BOTH carrot AND stick, and homo divinus has both the biggest, juiciest carrots, and the nastiest, gnarliest sticks with which to reward and punish.








Homo divinus have been using Secret Gods constantly since at least Tetisheri, almost a sar (3,600) years ago. The Secret Gods have allowed the gods a quiet, effective, and efficient control mechanism to allow homo sapiens to make decisions for themselves, and even make a few mistakes, but ensures those mistakes aren’t TOO severe and don’t go on TOO long. The Secret God Program has severed homo divinus well over the years. The dilemma the gods face is that at some point those training wheels eventually have to come off, and what do they do THEN.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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