They say there’s no more freezer space in West Virginia.

I don’t know if that’s true.

But I heard it somewhere.

​And that’s not the kind of freezer space they use for food.

The mothers. The fathers. The children.

Crying at graves.

The coffin and cremation industries are booming in West Virginia.

But it’s not just there. It’s in Ohio.

My ex-girlfriend died in Cincinnati. Left behind her 4-year-old son. One of my other friends moved back home to Ohio after staying sober for 18 months. Went down to his old room in the basement and never walked back out. The nicest kid you ever met. Really was. Wore cowboy boots. And liked to tell jokes. His parents buried him that Friday.

But it’s not just in Ohio.

It’s in Denver, too.

And New Mexico. Where everyone I know is either sober, dead or in prison. And I’d guess that a third of them are dead. A few of them are still running around, but I can’t think of who.

The disease needs new flesh. The plague eats new faces. The beast is hungry and we are perishing.


They say there’s no more freezer space in West Virginia.

And they’ve got the kind of giant portable freezers FEMA uses for natural disasters.

But I don’t know if that’s true.

I just heard it somewhere.

​And now I stand under the tree behind the garage.

Mosquitoes in the trashcan.Soggy weeds growing in the ditch.

Next to the woodpile.

​I think about new year’s morning.

I was 6. You were 5.

We were popping fire crackers and a black cat blew up in your hand.

You ran in. Momma held a wet rag on it. And you quit crying.

But everything changes. You did.

Started sneaking out. Lost weight. Stole my coin collection and Dad’s tools.

Ran off with Ray Ray and a dude named Ron. Come back with long sleeves and your teeth missing.

​You lost more weight. Had a black eye.

And told me you were going to get better. That this was just a passing phase.

Well it passed. And you’re still my sister. On either side of the ground.

I love you. And miss you and wish you’d never left

They say there’s no more freezer space is West Virginia.

But I don’t know about that.

It’s just something I heard.



A customer sent in a post to highlight the drug/opioid epidemic that has the United States in a deadly grip.  This epidemic is not as well known and/or talked about at the scale it probably should.

Nevertheless, we thank you for submitting this to us to bring awareness to a touchy subject.



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