Upcoming Class Information – Super Human Training, Session 4 – The Finale

Greetings Everyone!

Get prepared for Super-Human Training Session 4 which is in 2 weeks!

This will be the finale to the Super-Human Training Sessions.

Some highlights of this upcoming session are:

  1. Showing a specific example and explanation of how the matrix was verified to exist and then side stepped to produce very specific profound results in our reality (it has been prophesied that all will be revealed before certain events will take place in our reality.  Be in the know)
  2. A Glimpse into the spirit world
  3. Telepathy/Clairvoyance group exercises for inner development and expansion
  4. And much more…

We will be having Crystal Bowl Meditation at 10:30am!  Please arrive by 10:20am if you would like to participate.  Also please bring a yoga mat so you can lay down.

We will officially start the class at 11:15am.

Look forward to seeing you,




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