Where 5G Wireless is Available:5G Coverage


Where the major carriers will offer 5G Wireless:
Future 5G Coverage Map
Magenta: T-Mobile
Blue: AT&T
Yellow: Sprint
Red: Verizon Wireless
base map credit: Fierce Wireless

AT&T 5G Map:
AT&T has provided this map showing where they offer, or will offer, different levels of high-speed data at or near 5G speeds.


image credit: Telecompetitor.com

Sprint plans to use their large amount of 2.5 GHz spectrum for 5G wireless.  However, it’s complicated.  The band is broken up into several services that the FCC plans to re-allocate to make the band more useful for general wireless customers.  This map represents how much space Sprint currently has to operate in each market of the country at 2.5 GHz under current allocations. (Sprint acquired this spectrum with their purchase of Clear Wireless)

Sprint 2.5 GHz 5G Spectrum

T-Mobile’s projection for 5G wireless mobile coverage in their 600 MHz and other frequency spectrum.
T-Mobile Future 5G 

T-Mobile + Sprint Proposed 5G Coverage:
T-Mobile’s projection for 5G wireless mobile coverage if their merger (The “New T-Mobile”) with Sprint is approved.

T-Mobile + Sprint 5G

Verizon Wireless has indicated they will initially utilize 5G wireless service at 39 GHz.  This map shows their holdings in that frequency band.
Verizon 5G spectrum

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