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As some of you may have heard me say a few times on the podcast that calls and even specific product orders come in peculiar spurts.


One of these strange spurts happened throughout today which dealt with people feeling overwhelmed spiritually.  Gladly there was not any physical harm in any of these circumstances but spiritual test and negative spiritual bombardment can be a lot.


So if you have been feeling the same then here is a simple mantra that you can utilize.


Say this a few times daily, especially when you awake and especially when you go to sleep:


“I am the master of my existence and as such I do not give permission for any entity to cause me harm or confusion. I am guided by my highest self at all times and connected to source. And so it is”


Very simple, but powerfully comforting.


A few tips:


In using such a mantra you should be living a life without creating negative energy/actions.  Otherwise you’ll just be nullifying the positive aspects that you’ll receive.


Also, walk as though you know.  Walk as though you are.  There is no belief needed when you ‘know’.


As such I hope this helps =)




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    One thought on “A bit of mantra magic for those who feel out of their element…

    1. Nubiewithin101 says:

      Creator Blessing to you Tony. Thanks, this is a mantra I can use. #Nubiewithin grateful for the awakening ascension process of learning as the event unfold. #CreatorBlessed

      Thanks again for the quick response & suggestions.

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