What are Affirmations?

I have used Affirmations in English, Sanskrit Mantras and Hekau (words of power) in mdw (Medu) all of them work in different ways but they all work. This is my favorite form of Ka’at ibi and Yoga because these can be done anywhere at anytime in your mind or out loud.

To affirm something is to strongly state it as fact which is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tool that uses belief to reprogram the mind. In this post, we will discuss what affirmations are, how to create ones that work and how to use them.


Anything that we repeat in our head or out loud is an affirmation. However, the strength of the affirmation is determined by the intensity, amount of repetitions and receptivity. That is to say, an affirmation is a phrase aimed to affect the conscious and subconscious mind. Consequently, affirmations:

  • Focus the mind
  • Motivate
  • Help with Efficacy
  • Enhance powers of the mind
  • Transform beliefs
  • Harmonize Emotional Intelligence


If I say “I am intelligent” timidly but I scream passionately that “I am stupid” which affirmation do you think will stick? Similarly, if I turn up a radio loud it will penetrate further. Therefore, the same is true for sound vibration within us.


There is a European saying, “If you tell a big enough lie, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. Similarly, another variation is “If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”. It is an unfortunate truth that people believe what they are exposed to. However, in the instance of affirmations this is a powerful notion. As a result, we can use repetition to train the mind into believing what we are affirming to be true. This will allow us to act on our affirmations confidently. (see below on the importance of clarity vs confidence)


If you do not shower for a month and someone says you stink you’re likely to believe them. However, if you just showered and used deodorant and perfume you will not likely to be receptive to what they are saying. When training your conscious and subconscious mind you must keep this notion into consideration. Conversely, Sanskrit mantras and Hekau do not have the same conflict. In that instance, the blockage from receptivity is likely spiritual than a matter of belief.

How to create an affirmation that is useful.

Creating an affirmation that is custom fit for your needs does not start with wishing for your desires. That is to say, in my experience, there are 6 steps to affirmation success:

  • Assess the need
  • Filter the need through your divine values
  • Choose your words wisely
    • I am vs I am not
    • Will Don’t Want
    • Present Tense
  • Vision and Clarity
  • Use the affirmation
  • Goals and Planned action

Assess the Need

Firstly, assessing the need is determining what will be the underlying purpose of this affirmation. Purofocation? Will-power? Abundance? Discipline? Clarity? Certainly, there must be a purpose behind youraffirmation.

Divine Values

I filter any affirmation through the 77 divine ordinances, however, you may have a core set of values that should always be referenced when making any choice. This will avoid most disasters that come from skipping this step. For instance, I have seen people hungry for riches chase abundance while losing the things that hold the most value to them. On the other hand, step 2 would have shown them they were already rich, money is only one aspect of wealth.

Wise Words

“I am not angry” draws attention to anger. On the other hand, “I am peaceful” draws focus to inner peace which has more benefits than alleviating anger. To clarify, “not” should never be used in an affirmation.

When invoking a manifestation in your affirmation use “will” over “want” as will is imminent and want means to lack. In other words, if I say “I want more peace”, I am stating to the universe and myself that I lack peace. In contrast, if I state that “I will be peaceful”, I am claiming that peacefulness within is imminent.

Present Tense

The present is a present. We all exist in now. Therefore, your affirmation should not start with “I no longer drink” or “I will start being sober”. Instead, frame your affirmation in the present tense, “I am sober”.

Vision and Clarity

See the affirmation as already occurring. For Instance, if I invite peace into my experience I say, “I am peaceful,’ and I see myself as peaceful. That is to say, I experience peace. Secondly, see the sequence of success that starts with the first affirmation and leads to fulfilling your need. This can be done during meditation or deep thought.

On the other hand, clarity is perhaps the most important part of the process. If a man believes that every step he takes is a safe step and then goes hiking in the mountains with a blindfold, his beliefs will not prevent him from walking off a cliff. You must be clear and your affirmation must be clear. Clarity takes intelligence; the ability to choose wisely. Use your intelligence in creating this affirmation. To clarify, ask questions, discover answers and ask more questions to discover why you really need this, what are the pro’s and con’s and what are the consequences. etc. Answers willreinforce the power of the affirmation.

Use the Affirmation

Use the affirmation repetitively, ideally in multiples of 9with 27 as the minimum. However, you can repeat your affirmation any number of times. You can use it during meditation, while driving or during a walk. It should replay in your mind like your favorite melody. Furthermore, the best time to do your affirmations is when you are in a positive state.  Observe your ART’s, auto-response thoughts. Consequently, your ART’s will tell you if the affirmation is working. You may have doubts; these are the ART’s of your previous program (See repetition).

Goals and Planned Action

Set goals with this affirmation in mind and create a plan of action. Assist your affirmation with intelligent planning and action for maximum success. Above all, commit to this affirmation.

Here are a few phrases to get you started:

  • I am…
  • I will…
  • I have…
  • I express…
  • I see…
  • I receive…
  • I honor…
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