There are specific reasons that Jesus evolved here on Earth over 2000 years ago. His evolution here had to deal with the evolutionary development of planet Earth and the human race which is happening in a very powerful way now. Jesus promised the coming of the Holy Spirit in the Book of John. The Holy Spirit is the second paraklete and evolves here just like Jesus did in a human body. Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit transfer their consciousness from the 5th dimension which is located in the Whirlpool galaxy into Earth’s consciousness and redevelop in the structure of a human body.

Human beings transfer into God’s home everyday from planet Earth. Universal Consciousness is incorporated into Earth’s consciousness for Earth’s evolutionary development. There is a level of consciousness contained within Universal Consciousness that is the foundation for Universal Consciousness and contains the most power. This is an energy field called the Higgs field. This universe is surrounded by and contained within Infinite Consciousness. Infinite Consciousness gave birth to this universe with the introduction almost 14 billion years ago. This universe had to be conceptualized and designed because it has an identity and so does everything contained within the universe; and serves a particular purpose.

Infinite Consciousness introduced the Higgs field with the design of this universe and the Higgs field is like the DNA of this universe. The Higgs field contains; Infinite Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, light energy, dark energy and love. This sounds like a foreign concept because the Higgs field deals with scientific information, but love is an energy and had to be introduced into this universe and incorporated into matter. Human beings are made up of subatomic particles, molecules, and elements and experience love within their consciousness and can feel its energy in a very powerful way when expressed.

Infinite Consciousness that created this universe and that this universe is contained within has pure light energy, pure dark energy and vibrational frequencies. Pure light energy is produced by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations; pure dark energy is produced by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. This consciousness also contains extremely powerful love within the structure of light energy. The dark energy possesses extreme power and fulfillment and they coexist together. This is the way life needs to be represented is with extremely powerful assurance, determination and fulfillment with dark energy and love, compassion, nurturing and enlightenment with light energy.

Human beings contain both of these qualities, and this result came from the creation of this universe because Infinite Consciousness wanted to combine the light and the dark together in a very powerful way so life could experience the combination of the two and evolve eternally with love incorporated into both the light and the dark. Earth and life on Earth exemplify this aspect of evolutionary development. When the universe was created divinity and love had to transfer into subatomic activity because world’s and beings in world’s experience love and divinity and contain subatomic particles. Love is contained within universal structure but the Higgs field has the highest concentration of love. It is like the divine self of the universe just like a human being has a true divine self. Earth has this same aspect of consciousness and energy because Earth comes from this universe; so that’s what the Higgs field represents here on Earth. The Higgs field contained within Earth’s structure is a combination of Infinite Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Earth’s Consciousness, light and dark energy and love.

When Jesus transferred his consciousness down here he did this for the purpose of bringing love, divinity, consciousness and energy from the 5th dimension and introducing this into World Consciousness and the human race here. This also includes consciousness and energy that is incorporated into the advancement of the human race in the 5th dimension. He introduced the evolutionary development of human beings in the 5th dimension into planet Earth. When human beings transfer into the 5th dimension they are eternal and much more advanced. Jesus evolved into the structure of a human body here and went through the human experience. What this did was transferred his consciousness and energy into planet Earth and the Higgs field here to help advance the evolutionary development of love and divinity which would transfer into human DNA in preparation for the Apocalypse, the shift in consciousness and the Holy Spirit’s evolution here.

The Holy Spirit does the same thing that Jesus did by transferring his consciousness down here into planet Earth and into a woman redeveloping into the structure of a human body. When this universe was created by Infinite Consciousness and love; divinity, light energy and dark energy came together at once and the Holy Spirit’s consciousness was created as well. His consciousness became incorporated into Universal Consciousness and the Higgs field and he represents eternal life, love and divinity in the most powerful way among the population of beings in the universe.

Throughout the Bible it is spoken of the Holy Spirit being God’s divine power. The Holy Spirit’s love is the most powerful love in existence. The Holy Spirit evolves here and at some point in his life his consciousness transfers into World Consciousness, then into the 5th dimension and then throughout the entire universe again from planet Earth. This has already happened here. He has a human experience and doesn’t know who he is until this happens to him. Then he re-connects with God, Jesus the 5th dimension and universal consciousness through the evolutionary process.

When this happens his consciousness becomes adapted into the Higgs field in a very powerful way. His power, love and divinity start evolving here with this process and he helps the Higgs field evolve in World Consciousness. This is why the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012 by CERN is because the Holy Spirit had already started his evolutionary process. The Holy Spirit’s consciousness is attached to God and Jesus and the 5th dimension in a very powerful way while he is undergoing evolution here. While this is happening Earth’s consciousness will be evolving so will the Higgs field here. Human beings were designed out of Universal Consciousness and contain the same elements that the universe does. The Holy Spirit’s love and divinity help the Higgs field evolve here and the Higgs field helps the Holy Spirit evolve; it is a symbiotic process. Love is reciprocal. The Holy Spirit’s consciousness become incorporated into World Consciousness and all life here. This is to help with the evolutionary advancement of life here and this is how eternal life is introduced into Earth and all of the inhabitants here.

Because the Holy Spirit’s consciousness is attached to God, Jesus and the 5th dimension this will be helping connect the power, love and divinity from the 5th dimension into the human race here connecting the 5th dimension with planet Earth. This is how Universal Consciousness evolves between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. In the Lord’s Prayer it states “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. This is exactly how this happens. As the Holy Spirit evolves here so will the Higgs field. All of this activity will advance consciousness and energy here through evolution. What this will do is increase the activity contained within the Higgs field. This will transfer love, divinity and subatomic activity; primarily the Higgs boson into the structure of DNA.

This is how eternal life will be achieved here is through the power of the Holy Trinity and the evolutionary connection with the 5th dimension. This is why the will that is spoken of in the Lord’s Prayer; and this becomes incorporated into life on planet Earth. This is why non coding DNA is in place for life here; is to start absorbing the energy from the evolutionary activity contained within the Higgs field into an advancement of the complete anatomical structure of life here. Non coding DNA is DNA that had to be prepared to receive a new evolutionary advancement for life here. This is why Jesus and the Holy Spirit have interaction with planet Earth, is to connect the 3rd and 5th dimensions and integrating the entire human race between the two locations.


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