Through my work in metaphysics I have recently discovered how this universe was introduced; and I am going to explain how this process took place. This article has been submitted to the most prestigious physics departments and institutions in the world. This is a very accurate description of how this universe was created.

Consciousness was the key element that was necessary to formulate this conclusion by being introduced into the equation. The Paradigm Shift is in a very powerful state of development right now and my work is a reflection of this activity. My consciousness has been affected by the shift in a very powerful way and remarkable changes are rapidly approaching for Earth and all of its inhabitants. This universe was introduced almost 14 billion years ago. The reason I say introduced is because this universe had to be designed and conceptualized before the introduction took place. Before this universe was here there was Infinite Consciousness and energy everywhere. Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy. When I say pure I mean that there was no subatomic activity contained within the energy. Pure light energy comes from consciousness and higher frequency vibrations and pure dark energy comes from consciousness and lower frequency vibrations.

Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin the two frequencies at one point in a more powerful way than what had already existed. Because the two frequencies are different when combined this creates polarity which causes pressure. As soon as the frequencies were conjoined the first subatomic particle was created and this was the Higgs boson. Because this was the first subatomic particle and was created as soon as the frequencies were conjoined it contained no resistance to the evolutionary process. As the frequencies were merging and the design process was taking place pressure was accumulating. When this process begun, time and evolutionary development was introduced into this universe.

As Infinite Consciousness kept designing it kept transferring more consciousness and energy into the consciousness and energy that was being designed as this universe. What was happening is pressure continued to accumulate and there were different frequencies contained within the mixture of activity because of the variations of time and space from the activity itself. The variations of time and space with the different frequencies were creating different subatomic particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons. As Infinite Consciousness added more consciousness and pure light energy and pure dark energy into the mixture more subatomic particles were being generated.

What happened with the concentration of the mixture is a lot of pressure accumulated with the activity. This consciousness had previously belonged to Infinite Consciousness and was undergoing a very powerful change. This consciousness had never felt pressure like this before and was uncertain what was going to happen with the change. This was producing very powerful resistance within this consciousness and energy that was being formed and this consciousness wanted to stay in it’s original state so the resistance to evolutionary activity was driving energy in the other direction. This was creating antimatter which are subatomic particles with an opposite charge. During the process when Infinite Consciousness introduced more consciousness pure light energy and pure dark energy into the design Higgs bosons were being created.

While the activity was occurring there were frequency levels changing due to the variations of consciousness, light energy, dark energy, time, space and pressure. This was creating different subatomic particles. The evolutionary activity was creating matter and the resistance to the change was creating antimatter. This consciousness fought with everything it had against the change that was occurring. What eventually happened is the design process became complete for this universe; when this happened the consciousness that was under design ceased fighting the pressure was released and everything came together. What came together all at once was the very powerful accumulation of matter and antimatter. When this happened it created a very powerful fusion and the big bang occured. What transferred out into this universe was consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, matter and antimatter.

When Higgs bosons transferred out everywhere the Higgs field was formed. The Higgs field is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field is directly attached to Infinite Consciousness and energy. This universe is contained within Infinite Consciousness and energy and this is where this universe gets its evolution from. The Higgs field absorbs consciousness and pure light energy and pure dark energy from Infinite Consciousness. The Higgs field retains this and the vibrational frequencies from Infinite Consciousness. The vibrational frequencies with the mixture of pure light energy and pure dark energy produce subatomic particles. Because there are variations of time and space; different subatomic particles are produced. The Higgs field is the foundation for evolutionary activity in the universe.

The reason that consciousness had to be included in the creation, designing and introduction of this universe is because consciousness exists within the universe. Consciousness conceptualizes for the purpose of creation. Energy alone could not have introduced consciousness into the universe because even energy is a concept but it is the primary and most powerful fundamental aspect of existence that belongs with consciousness for the purpose of creating, because both are required for this process. These two are the basis for the evolutionary drive of infinity, and are responsible for the introduction of this universe.



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