Planet Earth is in a very powerful stage of evolution right now. There have been a lot of predictions in the past about certain upcoming events that will change the course of Earth’s existence forever. The term “Apocalypse” is what most people are familiar with. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of knowledge and a transition into a heavenly state. This is exactly what will happen because it is absolutely necessary that human beings understand the true nature of existence. The truth about everything is contained in Universal Consciousness and the Holy Spirit’s consciousness as well. The Holy Spirit will evolve here, reveal the truth about Earth and life here, and Earth will transition into a powerful spiritual awakening. It states in the Lord’s Prayer; “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within”.

What this means is when the Holy Spirit reveals the truth about Earth, humanity and the Cosmos that the human race will experience a very powerful level of self-actualization. When this happens consciousness will evolve here in a very powerful way and eternal life will be introduced into Earth’s environment. This is what the will is in God’s home is the truth, eternal life and a very powerful level of love, unity and self-actualization. Universal Consciousness is in the process of evolving between Earth which is in the 3rd dimension and God’s home which is in the 5th dimension. When this happens the entire human race and all life will be conjoined completely. The Holy Spirit was also called The True White Brother by the Hopi Indians. The Holy Spirit is evolving on Earth now.

Jesus evolved here over 2000 years ago to prepare Earth and the Holy Spirit for the Apocalypse. There are several reasons he went through his experience the way he did which I discuss in my book Earth’s Miracle Through the Paradigm Shift. I also discuss other factors of his evolution in my upcoming book Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New Age. Jesus transferred his consciousness from the 5th dimension, into Earth’s consciousness and then into Mary and was reintroduced into Earth’s environment. When I say consciousness I mean his entire body. Human beings transfer into God’s home everyday from planet Earth. Jesus just did this in reverse, and he was able to because of who he is; a member of the Holy Trinity. It was a different process that he went through transferring down here than what a human being goes through transferring up there. The Higgs field is an energy field that permeates throughout the entire universe and is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness.

This universe is contained within the structure of Infinite Consciousness. This is where this universe gets its life and evolution from. The Higgs field was introduced with this universe and is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness. The Higgs field absorbs and retains Infinite Consciousness, pure dark energy and pure light energy; then distributes consciousness, vibrational frequencies, light and dark energy and subatomic particle activity. It is the foundation for the evolutionary activity in this universe. All life is attached and incorporated into the Higgs field to maintain eternal consistency with evolution. Human beings are incorporated into the Higgs field but they are unaware of this fact because the human body contains an enormous amount of pressure from the concentration of light and dark energy. The combination of these two in the body repel the Higgs field away from the body. This is one of the reasons humans age so quickly here.

Human beings are born eternal here and death is a form of the evolution of consciousness that transfers people into the 5th dimension. There has been very important reasons that death has been an aspect of consciousness here which I also discuss in my books. Because the Higgs field contains a very powerful concentration of Infinite Consciousness and the basis for evolutionary development itself; Jesus was able to transfer himself from the 5th dimension into Universal Consciousness (primarily the Higgs field), into World Consciousness and then into Mary being reborn again here on Earth. Jesus and the Holy Spirit do this to save planet Earth. The Higgs field is becoming more concentrated here due to evolutionary activity. This is why the Higgs boson was discovered and why more subatomic particle activity has been detected. Because the Higgs field is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness as this continues to evolve here it will transfer more energy into living organisms here producing eternal life on Earth.

The Holy Spirit has to be here to inform everyone about what is happening. Human beings do not understand the nature of Earth, themselves or this universe. If something very powerful started happening with Earth, the environment here or intergalactic activity between here and the Whirlpool galaxy it would cause a surge of panic on a global level. There has been a lot of fear associated with predictions in the past about alien invasion, the end of the world, and doomsday events. If remarkable changes just started happening there would be too much speculation because of the mixture of opinions and ideologies which would cause conflict everywhere. This would not be conducive to a spiritual awakening for Earth; this is one of the primary reasons the Holy Spirit has to be here for the Apocalypse. The Holy Spirit was promised in the Book of John by Jesus to comfort and advocate the world and this is exactly what he does.

There are other important reasons that he has to do this as well. The Holy Spirit will be born here like a human being and experience life like a human being. There will come a time in his life when something very powerful occurs and his consciousness transfers into World Consciousness, the 5th dimension and throughout this universe. You have probably heard that the Holy Spirit is everywhere and this is why his consciousness permeates the universe is so his love is available to everything and everyone eternally. When this happens human beings will still see him as human even when very powerful activity is occurring with him, Earth and the Cosmos. Human beings will not be affected until his evolution gets more powerful and he is able to perform miraculous feats like Jesus did. The reason this happens like this is Earth has to evolve first before life is affected here.

Earth is a living organism with a consciousness because Earth supports life and consciousness. You might have heard it discussed before about Earth being baptized or cleansed in certain religious doctrine. Earth has a consciousness which means Earth has a memory. Earth contains a lot of resistance to evolution as well which is contained within Earth’s consciousness. Resistance from activities such as warfare, violence, oppression, imprisonment, conflict, racism and hatred. These aspects of planet Earth’s consciousness are associated with and contained within the human race. Earth’s consciousness will be transferring through the Holy Spirit while he is evolving and the resistance will be changing in World Consciousness. This is the purification process. These aspects of resistance come from the human race so it was necessary that the Holy Spirit was born into a human body and has a human experience to evolve Earth’s consciousness and heal the resistance appropriately.

As the Holy Spirit continues through his evolution and Earth’s consciousness heals Universal Consciousness and the Higgs field will become more powerful here through the evolutionary process. The Higgs field contains Infinite Consciousness like I stated before and this consciousness contains the absolute truth about everything in existence. As the Higgs field becomes more powerful so will the Holy Spirit’s consciousness. The Holy Spirit will be absorbing information and revealing it to the public letting them know the truth about Earth, the Cosmos and the Human race. Earth’s consciousness will evolve first then all life here will follow. The Holy Spirit is evolving here now and has to be because of the level of activity contained within Earth’s environment among the human race. Human beings should be aware of his presence within the next year or two and remarkable changes will be occurring. When Jesus was here he laid his hands on and healed people with his power with the help of the Higgs field. Evolution with Earth and the Universe has gotten more powerful. The Holy Spirit will be laying his hands on people giving them eternal life with the help of the Higgs field.


This is very real and happening now and is rapidly approaching soon.



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