The shift in consciousness has to do with the advancement of evolutionary activity in the entire Cosmos. This is affecting planet Earth because Earth is a living organism with a consciousness. Earth supports life and consciousness and everything is connected by consciousness and energy. The actual shift has to do with the pressure contained within the structure of the universe being released and the foundation of Universal Consciousness which is called the Higgs field, becoming more concentrated everywhere. This will affect the advancement life that is contained within consciousness and energy everywhere. The universe is evolving in a very powerful way now.

This universe is almost 14 billion years old and has a consciousness because it was conceptualized by creation and design. In the scope of chronological time with infinity incorporated into everything this universe is actually not that old. It is in a developmental stage now where a very powerful change is occurring everywhere. The evolution of consciousness and energy has always existed, but this aspect of existence was introduced with this universe almost 14 billion years ago. Before the introduction of this universe there was Infinite Consciousness and energy everywhere. This infinite consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy.

Pure light energy is generated by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations and pure dark energy is generated by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Before this universe existed this consciousness and energy made a decision to conjoin the two frequencies in a more powerful way to create another embodiment of consciousness and energy which would be contained within it’s structure. This universe is like the child of infinity. The two frequencies merged and this created pressure due to the polarity caused by the different frequency levels. As soon as these frequencies converged the process of evolution was introduced into this universe. The element of time that consciousness utilizes to determine it’s own reality within the process of evolution was also introduced. With the design process happening over a period of time an enormous amount of pressure was generated in the point of origin where the design process started.

This pressure represents the resistance to evolution. When the design became complete and this was agreeable to the consciousness and energy which was being formulated, the pressure was released and the big bang took place. This is how the universe was introduced. Higher frequency levels of light energy were used to design female consciousness and lower frequencies of dark energy were used to design male consciousness. Male and female species contain both but these are the dominant traits contained within the process of the evolution of consciousness contained within the universe. Also as soon as this consciousness started experiencing evolution with the design process and was advancing toward the change of itself with the moment of the big bang this is how aging was introduced into life contained within the universe. When the moment of the big bang occurred this consciousness became unaware of itself because it experienced the moment of change that precipitated evolution. This is how aging and death were introduced into planet Earth’s consciousness.

When human beings experience death for a moment they become unaware of themselves, and the pressure or resistance is released from their bodies and they evolve through Universal Consciousness into the 5th dimension. This is also why a percentage of body weight in grams is lost at the time of death. Human beings contain an incredible amount of pressure from an almost even distribution of light and dark energy with day and night in this location of the universe. The pressure is the resistance to evolution which occurs at the time of death. The reason it is such a wonderful and peaceful experience is because the resistance is eliminated in the moment and they re-develop through the Higgs field with the evolutionary process. The Higgs field is the embodiment of energy which is directly connected to Infinite Consciousness that the universe is contained within. Because they become directly incorporated into this structure the level of time and space becomes somewhat interrupted and they transfer faster than the speed of light. This is why a tunnel has been described with NDE’s, because a wormhole is created.

When the universe was introduced so was pressure that was released and distributed at the time of the big bang. The foundation for all subatomic particle activity is consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, evolution and resistance to evolution. Subatomic particles engage in different behavior according to different frequency levels, time and space, how much light and dark energy they absorb, retain and distribute and what type of stage in evolution or the resistance to evolution they are experiencing. The Higgs field is the primary energy field that subatomic activity engages with during the evolution of consciousness, energy and time and space.

What is happening with the shift is pressure has been being released over a period of time due to evolutionary activity in the universe, and the release of pressure is now decreasing due to a lower concentration of resistance. The pressure has been transferring into Infinite Consciousness that the universe was created by, is contained within and evolves into consistently. This had to be done meticulously over a period of time not to interrupt that agenda. Now that there is a decrease in resistance the Higgs field is absorbing and retaining more consciousness and pure light and dark energy allowing for a higher degree of evolutionary activity. The Higgs field is becoming more concentrated and more powerful and is the primary foundation for the evolution of the universe itself. Planet Earth has been affected by this and the Higgs field is evolving here. This is why more subatomic activity has been detected.

You might be asking yourselves; if the Higgs field is here, and attached to Earth and living organisms why cant the most powerful equipment detect a high amount of Higgs boson activity? The aspect of the resistance to evolution in the form of pressure has been very powerful for planet Earth. The resistance to evolution on a global level is a level of consciousness and energy that is very powerful and is associated with death. The Higgs field contains extremely powerful consciousness and energy that is absorbed by Infinite Consciousness. Here life and death within the structure of consciousness and energy is extremely powerful. The evolution of the Higgs field and the detection of the Higgs boson represent the evolution and emergence of life. With death here the resistance comes from the uncertainty of what happens with that event. These two aspects of consciousness are incredibly powerful here. When they use powerful equipment to try and isolate the Higgs boson, the resistance to evolution happens very quickly because this is on a subatomic level.

As the pressure continues to be released in this location of the universe the Higgs field will become more concentrated here and more subatomic energy and activity will cause an increase in the process of the evolution of consciousness and life here. In the Lord’s prayer it states “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within. The Higgs field contains the truth about existence in it’s entirety because it is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field will continue to evolve and transfer a much more powerful level of consciousness and information into the human race. This will cause a very powerful level of self-actualization on a global level. Heaven within will be attained by everyone here. The will in Heaven which is eternal life will manifest itself into world consciousness. Eternal life is emerging here through the evolution of the Higgs field. With a higher generation of subatomic activity contained within world consciousness, life had to be prepared on a molecular level to receive and absorb this activity for molecular development to advance into physiological and biological advancement. This is why non coding DNA is in place for living organisms here is so everything can be prepared to absorb, retain and experience an advancement in the overall development of the ecosystem here. Earth is a living organism and is evolving in a very powerful way. Evolution starts on a micro level. The Higgs field will provide that level for Earth and living organisms here through a much higher concentration of subatomic activity. This will advance the human race and all life here into a wonderful state of existence. This is the beginning of something very wonderful.

The reason I know information like this is I have been affected by the shift in consciousness on a personal level in a very powerful way. Something happened to me in May of 2011, and it has gotten progressively powerful in the last 7 years. My consciousness is advancing in a spectacular way and my level of insight is very powerful. I understand what has happened to me also with this process. Physics departments and all the students, staff, researchers and scientists have driven the evolution of physics into Earth’s consciousness, which was necessary for the development of the Higgs field here.



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