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First of all excuse me for my grammar and spelling : english isn’t my native language. For the spelling i’m writing on a smartphone which isn’t easy.

So i took many theories i red on the net and after gathering them by assembling the puzzle here is what i found :

That is not a fan fiction if you read theories about laura eisenhower (grandaughter of president eisenhower) and read many sources it seems to be what reality could be. However as we are not sure those sources are true…

the craziest Conspiracy theory about aliens.

So this one wants to explain us why the fermi paradox do actually exist and why we haven’t be officialy contacted yet.

At the beginning of everything there is an organism which is the universe and you could call it God because it has a mind and a might. It is the receptacle of physic laws. And this organism is an infinite cycle which expands and then comes back to it’s original form to expand again. Every form of life is part of it. However there are 2 kinds of forms of life :

Healthy form of life : those respect the universe and nature. They seems to take care of planets ecosystems and help and respect every form of life. This form of life is benefical for the health of the universe they are preserved in the universe because of the benefice they bring. The universe keeps the memories of the healthy forms of life as an anticorpse against viruses. Memories of beings which are considered beneficial are kept and when they die their memories and counsiousness are preserved and transfered into a new vessel. God/ the universe preserves what preserves it and makes it healthy.

Unhealthy form of life : those who don’t respect the universe nature and ecosystems. Those care for selfishness and personnal interests without even considering actions of their predation behaviour. Those are considered as viruses and parasites. Their memorries aren’t preserved until they are cured from their illeness. When they die memmories are erased to hope that the new memmory will be better.

The universe is full of life and many races have became extremely advanced civilisations. Most advanced healthy forms if life civs have gathered into an intergalactic alliance which has 2 main objectives. Protect the universe and erase dangerous threats for the planets and the universe.

Here is the problem. Humanoids are one of the family of multiple races in the universe. There is not only the human race but many humanoid races which share common ancestors. For example neandertal could be considered as a humanoid race which differs from humans.

Some humanoid races reached what we called illumination which is the state where a civilisation is defined as a healthy form of life.

Humans however were a really big issue. They had a huge empire and this empire’s capital was Mars. The martian empire was based on those things :

Oligarchy, elitism, slavery, capitalism without regulation, expansion, conquering, wars for power and ressources and finally luxure and pleasure. Humans were territorialists when they evoluated they became more proeminent to the conception of possessivity to the point they were able to kill themselves to obtain what they wanted.

There is a rupture point for all civilisations in history which define if they are gonna turn into a healthy form of life or a universal virus kind of life. The robotic industry. When a civ reachs a certain technological point robots will be able to make all the production. Here is the question what will do the rest of the population if they don’t work anymore ?

Healthy forms of life answers like this : supression of elits every people in the population becomes a researcher improving society, logistics, robotics and studying the universe. Even if elits are supressed hierarchy still exists to organise roles.

Unhealthy forms of life answers like this : Elits keep the privilege of robotics for themselves with lobbies. They will not let the robotic industry replace workers because it would be the end of their privileges instead they make the population their slaves with capitalism and lobbies.

At the beginning the martian empire wasn’t a real danger for the intergalactic alliance. However they became way more aggressive. They expanded fast, reproduced fast and their technological evolution was exponential. They reached a point where they began to attack healthy life forms civs with success.

The intergalactic alliance decide to wipe off the martian empire :

That is the story of Noah and the great flood. Humans became arrogants to the point we began to be annoying for the universe (God) and then healthy forms of life civs wiped off the martian empire..

Humans were exterminated however the intergalactic civilisation decided to not commit a full genocide why ?

Some rich humans and elits were aware of human condition. They decided for the sake of mankind to supress their emotions. They wanted find a cure to its bad nature. They removed specific parts of their brain to not be affected by emotions anymore.

Those humans without emotions didn’t feel the need to reproduce, to eat material food or to go out anymore. With time millions of years passed (they had technology for eternal life) : They lost their genital organs, their digestive system which changed a lot and their air because they didn’t used or needed them anymore.

Those humans are what we could call today the Greys those are humans which supressed their humanity in order to save mankind itself.

The intergalatic alliance accepted to let them survive in condition that their experiments didn’t endanger other forms of life.

So when the intergalactic alliance destroyed life on Mars a Huge mothership escaped with the greys. The only hope for mankind. Noahs ark.

Those escaped with a sample of dna of their ancestors and of every original specie from their home planet (animal dna). Noahs ark with 2 animal of each specie. A giant spaceship with dna samples of male and female from each speciesm

They decided to modify human’s ancestor dna to see if the human nature could be changed. Then they decided that earth would be the home of the experiment. They introduced the human’s ancestor dna and watched humanity evoluating from the monkey to the human learning and watching trying to find cures for the human nature. They tryed to teach humans what god/the universe is. They tried to intriduce laws and restrictions to humans to see if they could repress their bad nature. They abduct people to get sample and to see how their experiment goes on.

If the experiment is a failure they will wipe off mankind and start over again until they have good result. That is the Apocalypse.

The moon is the laboratory abd the base of the greys. The moon is the guardian of the prison called earth. Mankind is one of the most dangerous and violent race of the entire universe. Our solar system is strictly controlled by the grey and the intergalactic alliance.

Because of that it is prohibited to contact humans and greys will not allow humans to colonise the stars. We are in prison that’s why no one is allowed to contact us.

When the moon landing hapenned elites learnt the truth and were divided by the subject. Some were saying that greys were doing good and some were saying that the intergalactic alliance had no rights to do this that it was humans that should choose their own destiny.

Secret would be kept because it would be too horrible for majority of the population to accept human nature.

That is one of the scariest theories on the net for sure. It seem more like it is impossible. But what if it was a true theory o.O ?

I think it would be too scary to accept even if true.

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