Tooth decay, mercury fillings and gum disease often lead to deterioration in vision, according to Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, clinical director and founder of Acupuncture Health Associates in Westfield, New Jersey. Dr. Rosenfarb suggests rinsing your mouth daily with hydrogen peroxide to better control the germs in your mouth.


What Do Your Teeth Have to Do with Your Eyes?

The health of your teeth and gums can dramatically affect your vision. I am seeing this more and more in clinic with varying eye conditions, from ocular lymphoma to glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa to uveitis. Increasing numbers of people are developing eye conditions that may result from tooth decay, mercury fillings and gum diseases. It’s no coincidence that for many, the vision starts to go around the same that the teeth start falling and/or become problematic. Mercury fillings is a hot topic these days and I recommend you watch this video. There is no way that the fumes from mercury fillings cannot directly impact the health of the brain, eyes and rest of the body. I advise everyone with mercury fillings to consider getting them safely removed.

In addition to the toxic effects of mercury fillings, fungal and bacterial infections from root canals and other periodontal infections may directly contribute to vision loss. These microbes are neuro-toxic and can destroy healthy nerve tissue in the eyes and brain. I recently learned about these factors because of a case that is close to home.

This past September, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with brain lymphoma. Scary? Yes!!! Fortunately, we had a great neurosurgeon and she is responding very well to chemo and a specific regiment of supplements. In reviewing her health history, we found that this all started with a dental surgeon who did poor work causing severe and repeated bacterial infections in her gums for months.

Six months after the infections were “gone,” my mother-in-law developed some vision loss (no one could figure out why at the time), and a few months later she had brain cancer. Because we were able to trace the primary cause back to severe gum infections, we will save her vision and more importantly, her life.

Basically, the infection spread from the gums to the eyes, and eventually to the brain via the lymphatic system. The festering bacteria and fungus resulted in lymphoma in this case. This is not a minor factor here folks! These oral infections can affect your vision, brain function and be potentially fatal. I suspect that they may be a factor in many chronic, degenerative eye conditions.

Do you have any root canals? If you do, consider this information as it relates to not only your eyes and brain, but the overall health of your entire body. Rinsing your mouth daily with hydrogen peroxide is a great way to help keep the germs in your mouth from getting out of control. At first, dilute to a 50-50 solution with water and build up to full strength. If you have root canals consider getting those teeth removed. Practice good dental hygiene!


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