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Isn’t it the American dream to work for yourself under the circumstances of your choosing? If you answered that with a resounding “YES!” then it’s time to stop laboring in the rat race.  Now you can start working towards your personal mission by using your natural gifts.

For starters, when you make a few changes in your sleep pattern, you can open many doors to the future. The reality is no matter your position, you can bring forth your ambition of a new career (or enhance your current one) and truly support yourself.
Here’s how to start the transformation.

The Way Most People Become a Morning Person

Unfortunately, early morning success isn’t found by many people who truly love sleep or have a hard time heeding the alarm clock. They simply surrender to the wonderful ways of continued slumber, leaving time and opportunity in dreamland.

Though, obviously, your body does require sleep, it’s also susceptible to conditioning. Like anything else, you can reverse your tendency toward laziness by teaching your body when to sleep and when to wake up. Start by taking afternoon naps with a set alarm clock nearby. Since you, most likely, won’t be in a deep sleep, you should respond quickly to the notion that it’s time to get up. This practice reconditions your mind and body, and after a few days of completing this exercise, you’ll be ready to give an early morning rising a try.

How I Learned To Adapt

The human mind is far more powerful than most people realize. Once I discovered how effective the power of affirmation was, I quickly took advantage of it. Telling yourself something over and over will attach it to your subconscious mind. It’s even possible that you might wake up before the alarm goes off, with a sudden feeling of needing to do something important.

I combined the practice of setting my alarm with an afternoon nap and daily affirmations, and it wasn’t long before I could get up at any time I wanted. I know it may sound unbelievable if you’re not normally a “morning person” but, consider how humans are creatures of habit and totally vulnerable to the power of affirmation. Once you do, you’ll get a clearer picture on how early to rise can be mastered. Soon thereafter, a whole new world will open up for you.

How Your Time In The Morning Can Pay Off

There are numerous benefits to getting up early. They can include anything from keeping a spotless house to helping your kids do well in school, and even to making a few extra dollars for yourself before you head off to that 9 to 5 job. If you truly want to work for yourself, resetting your biological clock is an absolute necessity. You must be awake and functional when it’s convenient to success and not to the traditional Zzz factor.

Let’s say you do have a 9 to 5 job, but you want to start a blog or another form of your personal mission work. Set your alarm for whatever time will give you an extra 90 minutes. While this may seem like losing a lot of sleep, your gains far outweigh your losses. Blog between teeth brushing, toast popping, and hair drying. Whip up a rough draft of your new blog post, poise yourself to be out the door, and then put the finishing touches on the post. This alone could increase your time for working toward your goals and even provide income every month.

Turn Your Early Rising Into A New Career

When you become a morning person, you are giving yourself an extra hour or two every morning to beef up your energy for new projects, you put yourself in the position of having real choices. Do you want to continue with the part-time earnings that contribute to your savings or reduce your debt, or would you like to find a way to leave your 9 to 5 job completely? A few, extra hundred dollars every month will put you in a place where you can finally have some options.

Since I wasn’t too comfortable in taking the leap to self-employment without first testing the waters, I provided myself with extra time each morning to devote to the possibilities. Keeping the “day job” while exploring alternative careers, is essential to financial stability and long-term success. Eventually, I developed trust in the new avenues I was testing out and grew confidence in myself to be knowledgeable enough in them. While the possibilities for your personal missions are virtually endless, you need to focus on something specific that meets the following criteria:

– Something you are passionate about
– Something you are competent in
– The particular mission you’re interested in is trustworthy and reputable

Once you make a commitment to any particular field or company, stick with it for a while. After you’ve gained the necessary skills to your working project and have completely adapted to your early to rise lifestyle, you then can fully jump in and start working exclusively in your passion.

I’ve had very few doubts since I changed my life and followed my intuitions that led me to my life purpose. My prayer is that you will live every day excited to get up in the morning and create a job you love.  Finding your life purpose and personal mission will be a wide discussion point on the website. So start the positive changes in your life by waking up a little earlier, working smarter instead of harder, and most importantly, believing in yourself. There’s absolutely no limit to what you can do once you optimize your circumstances.


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