Greetings Everyone!

As mentioned on last nights podcast The Meta-Center is now offering (2) internships:

  • Age doesn’t matter, only if you have enough free time to study and learn what is needed.
  • All study material is provded
  • You will receive 3-6 months of instruction/study and the next 3-6 months will be hands on
  • The skills you learn will allow you to actually make money as a freelancer if you choose or put on your resume as a ‘verifiable’ skillset
  • At completion you will be able to use us as a reference as well since we are a legitimate business
  • Upon completion we will also pay for your services since we know you can do it =) and we use these services or do it ourselves on a regular basis
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN CHICAGO!  You can be any where in the world to do any of the (2) internships below

Current internship(s) offered:

  1. Marketing, which also includes S.E.O. (search engine optimization) , Social Media Management, Psychology, Persuasion and implementation of skill set to make ideas go viral
  2. HTML, CSS, PHP coding/development which are web based programming languages for website and database creation

Again all materials are provided.

Does any of the above interest you or someone you may know?

Have them contact us HERE

Thank you

~ Tony


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