Tidbit of info on this late Sunday night.
Many of you probably have Tattoo’s and/or know some who not only has one or two but maybe a sleeve or more done.
IT’S COOL TO HAVE TATTOO’s!!! It’s part of self expression!!! Right? Right???? C’mon… Right!?!?!???
Some who are the self-expression types above will cite indigenous cultures. Those who are conscious/awake will cite some form of branding for slave purposes.
Both are true, but both are secondary reasons.
When you ‘blood-poison’ you are bringing down the vibration of your blood. Blood is life and that life blood you are tainting.  Anything that goes into the blood stream can potentially taint it for the worse (i.e. vaccinations) 
In doing such you could become disconnected from source. Now some ancient groups purposely do this because they want to disconnect from source so no more meddling thoughts.
Many psychics lose their gifts once they taint the blood.
This tainting of blood can have other adverse effects like melanin malfunctions during sun absorbtion, acne, black spots on skin, mental issues and just the feeling of being lost.
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