Okay, did a post yesterday about focusing and clearing the mind on Facebook, but we’re not going in to Step 3 of that just yet.

But here is some insight into the world around you that is as simple and digestible as homemade apple pie.

Happy people don’t hate.

That’s it.

Just think about it… when a person is truly happy they do not hate, nor terrorize others. In actuality they don’t even care what you’re doing in any sense of the form.

When I walk through the matrix rather it be downtown Chicago, a city I’m visiting or online what is evident is the division.

This is even shown in the demographics of cities showing brown skinned people on one side of town while everyone else is on the other.

Not even talking about the current gender wars which there is no point of. Really?

What you see can be summarized as unhappy people arguing, beckering with other unhappy people. Or a unhappy person trying to corrupt to make someone else unhappy.

Sometimes in consultations when I go deep into mind matrix of a person some do not even know what it actually means to be happy.

Find out what makes you happy. Internally. NOT externally.

When this is found you will no longer hate, or corrupt… because why would you?

You’re happy! 


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