A bit of story time for those who may not know or for those who don’t have all the pieces.

The duality paradigm that you see white-black, rich-poor etc are obviously for divide and conquer… but why?

Some will say for consumerism to make a oligarchy even more powerful! That is true, but that isn’t the full story and without the full story the context is off.

BUT THERE’S RACISM!!! Well yes, but again without context one does not understand the full story.

We got into this story in detail on August 19th, 2017 at the event here in Chicago which was over the course of 5 hours going deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole.

So here is a synopsis, take from it as you will.

Soft disclosures have been going on from those in the KNOW for decades now for those who have the eye to see. And historically there is pieces here and pieces there that quickly disappear when brought to light.

This rabbit hole can go almost too deep so I’m only going to stay in one specific aspect of it for simplicity sake.

An advanced non-human race came into our solar system and a reckoning began. Wiping out everything in its path and the great war had started. Reference destroyed planet Tiamat, the 13th planet.


In the end the humans lost.

Faced with total annihilation or servitude the last remnants chose servitude. For the few that were left this was understood and maybe one day this would be back to the way it was. That maybe this advanced race could be defeated from within. But over time, after several memory wipes and human energy harvesting trappings this has been forgotten and the LOOP has practically been perfected.

There is no time, but yet we are in time. We are in cycles, as a computer has. And every X amount of cycles Y happens.

VERY predictable.

Some of you have literally ‘woke’ up and had shared experiences that were exactly like others who mistakenly ‘woke’ up and see ‘them’ before being put back in. Coincidentally the experiences are identical. This is no coincidence.

The chaos that goes on in here is all to harvest, extract and get more computational results. To see what would happen if this happened or that happened. As such more computational points are solved and the matrix continues on for another cycle.

Don’t fall for it. Turn off the TV, Radio. Distance yourself from matrix created variables that enter your life to purposely destruct/change it to create consequences for further sequence solving variables.

Meditate, MEDITATE, MEDIATE!!!! Free your mind space from the thought forms/variables that are presented for solving.

Actually SEE with your EYE what is happening around you internally and externally. DO NOT DOUBT. The more that you see the more will be shown, the more that will be shown the more you will see.

Some won’t know what the heck I’m talking about, but for those that do, there’s your answer.

There’s much more to this, volumes worth.



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