Another in a long string of flying humanoid sightings has come out of Chicago this week.  The following report, which took place near the Navy Pier in Chicago’s lakefront area, was reported Monday afternoon to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse.

“I was out for a late jog on Saturday evening about 7 o’clock P.M. and was taking my usual route along the lakefront jogging trail headed toward the Navy Pier. As I passed Ohio Street Beach  and headed toward the Pier, I saw what looked like a giant bat fly our from what looked like under the bridge that holds up North Lakeshore drive. It flew parallel to East Grand avenue and then up and over the trees toward the water treatment plant. The whole incident only lasted a few seconds and getting any exact details was hard due to the low light. I can make an educated guess and say that it looked like it was the height of an average man at about 6 foot tall, but I also was maybe 15-20 feet away from it when I saw it.

It looked like a great big bat, solid black but it stood out against the building and had a wingspan that must have been at least 7-8 feet from tip to tip. It was silent as far as I could tell but there was a lot of city noise in that area with traffic and what not. I know I was not the only one who saw it as about 6-7 others noticed it and I heard more than one person say “look at that!”  As it flew, you could tell it was flapping it’s large wings gaining speed and altitude till it cleared the trees and headed off toward the water treatment plant. When I reached the point where I could look out toward the plant, it was gone.

I checked my watch at that time and note the time at 7:08 pm and the weather was cloudy. We had storms pass through the area earlier today and it looked like more were on the way. There was visible lightning over the lake at the time that this incident occurred. I went home after my jog was completed and looked up sightings of giant bats in the city and was shocked by how many there were recently. That is how I got the info on where to report this to you.“

This is the eleventh sighting of a bat-like creature to take place in Chicago’s lakefront area so far this year.

According to Navarette, he has contacted the witness and is currently awaiting follow-up, but an investigative team will be sent to check the area and probe for further witnesses.  Since the sighting took place in such a high traffic area, they hope that more witnesses will make themselves available.

To report a sighting, contact Lon Strickler at [email protected] or call him directly at 410-241-5974; or fill out UFO Clearinghouse’s contact form.

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