About two weeks ago on the podcast (Playback being worked on, cosmic shift related) we, meaning myself and the audience did a very specific type of mediation.  This ancient mediation opened a gateway within this dimension to specifically allow any who come with pure of heart and higher consciousness to in-fact be able to access the higher consciousness without the meddling of the Archons, the Grand Commander and their phi based controls.

The second portion of this meditation was to push this ship also known as a planet closer to the light center in our milky way galaxy.

For the last two weeks or so have you been feeling a bit strange?  Just kinda out of place?  Like your in a dream like state but your fully conscious?  What about walking around just feeling out of it (not tired, but limboish)?  At night when you dream has it seemed to be a bit deeper?  And with all the aforementioned nothing has changed with you.  No new supplements, no new meditations or weirdness in your life.

If the above is correct you are being influenced by this new wave energy.

Take full advantage by getting out in nature! Take a walk, eat food that is light on the stomach, meditate and open your mind.  Let go of the past and future and focus on the present.


P.S. The ‘off feeling’ is the adjustment your feeling merging into the new frequency bodies.The feeling will past eventually.  When it does past you will either go back to feeling exactly the same as before (which has a meaning) or you will feel forever different (which has a meaning).  It’s your choice.

With new powers come new responsibilities, new challenges.  Now what will you do?

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