Two new sightings regarding the recent flying humanoid reports have emerged out of Illinois.  The first occurred March 22nd, and was reported in an email to Phantoms and Monsters.

“My name is Billy B. I drive a semi with a large carrier company in Chicago. On March 22nd, I was at Rosen’s (Alpha Baking) on Cicero Ave. and 290 expressway in Chicago. I was picking up a load of bread there. I noticed a flying object at around noon in the airspace to the south coming from Midway Airport. The object looked like a man with wings – like Batman. I thought it was an experimental drone or secret government military test. After seeing the picture by the Indian statue (8/22/2011 – 63rd and Pulaski Rd in Chicago, IL sighting), I am convinced it was the thing these other folks have seen.”

“I have 3 witnesses for that day and the text to prove it happened. I absolutely swear it was this “Mothman”. The object was gliding over me and disappeared in the clouds. It is very loud by the expressway and I have had no recollection of screaming. Shortly after I saw this thing, I had a litany of strange health problems that are documented. My eyes are even messed up, like the movie and other claims. I have all the documentation to prove my story.”

“I hope I am not considered a freak after this but this sighting can be proven well before the other sightings were reported. I have nothing to gain by reporting this so call me if you have questions. The health issues are very odd and serious. I have had several MRI tests and a lumbar puncture due to the pressure behind my eyes. Now, these issues could be due to some other disease that has no diagnosis.”

According to Lon Strickler with Phantoms and Monsters, who contacted the witness by phone, the creature “was the size of a large automobile,” and its description matched that of the flying humanoid reported back in 2011 in the same area.

“Billy B. has forwarded documentation proving the bizarre medical problems he has endured since the sighting…eventually traced to a rare condition in his eyes. As well, he forwarded documentation on his mother’s death, which occurred unexpectedly approximately 3 weeks ago. I have no proof that these incidents are related to the sighting, but it is noteworthy nonetheless and part of the record,” said Strickler.

“Billy was very forthcoming and answered all my questions without embellishment. I truly believe he witnessed what he described, which he believes was a winged living being because of the way the figure naturally moved.”

The second recently reported sighting took place on May 30th, and was sent to UFO Clearinghouse.

“I was sleeping at my apartment on the edge of bucktown and wicker park, close to the western cta station. it was a little after 1 o’clock at night on the evening of memorial day, tuesday, may 30th, 2017. i was having difficulty sleeping that night because i had taken an extended nap after watching an episode of keeping up with the kardashians from the night before. it was the one in which kortney decides to not accompany kim to new york fashion week for kanye’s fashion show at the last minute, causing the rest of the family to confront kourtney on the account of her chronic indecisiveness.”

“Since is has started getting warmer in chicago, i have noticed that i am falling asleep in the early evenings more and more, which has been negatively affecting my regular sleeping patterns. i hope that this does not become a habit. sometime after 1, i began to hear a loud noise coming from outside. there was a very loud, and very consistent banging that happened just outside my apartment for several minutes. it sounded like how i would picture gun shouts sounding underwater, but louder. i looked up from my bed to check outside one time and saw a bright flash of white light. after doing some research i believe this to be the humanoid man bat that has increased in sightings in chicago recently.”

No actual flying humanoid is reportedly seen by the witness in this account, so it is unclear why they attributed the otherwise still strange phenomenon to the recent bat-like creature sightings.  Bizarre light phenomena has been associated with this string of sightings, though, as reported in the first string of sightings to be shared this year.

All of the reported cases of unusual activity continue to come out of Chicago’s east side, within a few miles of Lake Michigan.

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