There’s the saying, “energy goes where attention flows.”

Energy is the single greatest commodity: if you’re of the opinion that TPTB (The Powers that be) are running a giant energy factory, then our attention is what generates it.

If you take a more practical approach that TPTB makes us all debt wage slaves, then they do so by keeping our attention captive in the pursuit of their self-made money. In this state, we act like zombies with little time left to pursue self-actualization. We remain unaware of our true strength. Our energy is given away for what’s karmically pennies on the dollar.

Mindfulness is the process of focusing our attention inwards and paying ourselves instead. We receive energy–currency–in the form of wisdom. It gives us the ability to create our own roadmap rather than wandering down a generated path in a sleepless state. It is the path to our sovereignty.

Indeed, attention is precious because it’s our time. Something we can never get back. Think of the phrase itself, “pay attention.” The word pay is used precisely because attention itself is of value.

Now, what have we been paying attention to these days? Personally, my attention has been focused on universally expansion and the worlds within.  But most have been on some form of anxiety and/or hopelessness. Yet these are the emotions prized by those in charge because they can be exploited quite easily. If you’re into the esoteric, it’s this negative energy that serves as the fuel for the archons, reptilians, whatever.

While these negative emotions are an unfortunate byproduct of being informed of the man behind the curtain, they are only useful if they act as a springboard to choosing a more positive path and ultimately, future. This negativity is best used to actualize, “this is not how I want the world to be. I want a peaceful, compassionate world.”

The second part of this statement is one of the most important parts, and unless it’s integrated, we all lose. The energy vampires win. If we remain in the negative, we will always be ceding our control by expecting those at the top to change their behavior for the sole reason we are mad at them. Hint: they eat that anger for breakfast and embolden themselves. They only become scared when that anger gets channeled into creation of ideas that cause their demise.

For example:

  • Get mad about Seth Rich… but use that anger to reform the political system.
  • Get mad about the usurpation of our privacy… but use that anger to switch to platforms that give a shit about it.
  • Get mad about GMOs… and use that anger to buy organic or grow your own food.
  • Get mad about debt slavery… and use that anger to get out of debt and start your own business. And buy local.

The powers that be only run scared when the second part of action follows.

An excellent quotes is from Buckminster Fuller:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

The good thing about positive energy is its well-studied ripple effect. There doesn’t need to be many of us to make a sizable impact, and the Maharishi effect point to as much. When you activate your light and act with positivity, it’s a game changer.

We’re all just nodes of energy connected to the other. You have the power to grab it from source and use yourself as a conduit to pass it around to others. You are your own printing press. When you tap into source, it can light up the world and elevate humanity outside the reach of those who feed on negative energy. It renders them obsolete on a spiritual and practical level.

And never, ever let anyone convince you that being cheerful, happy, or compassionate are synonyms for gullible, ignorant, weak, or stupid. It is no accident that our society has been conditioned to think that snide cynicism is what’s needed to feel accepted by our peers.

I can imagine countless books that I’ve had to read about the Art of War, Saul Ailinsky’s guides, and 48 Laws of Power. Far fewer books (probably none) were on my curriculum that related to compassion or collective empathy. We are primed to be negative energy machines… and that has to stop.

Infinite Love,


P.S., this has something to do with the upcoming Tuesday show =)  Be ready to use your power’s yet again X-Men/Women 


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