See the remains of a nodosaur, the best preserved fossil of its kind ever found. Discovered by miners in Alberta, Canada, it’s a 110 million-year-old type of plant-eating armored dinosaur. The animal has two 20-inch-long spikes on its shoulders, and, in life, it was 18 feet long and nearly 3,000 pounds.

The Nodasaur was a herbivorous dinosaur that is estimated to have lived 110 million years ago. The plating on this creature is so strong that it when the heavy equipments operator accidentally struck it it failed to cause any serious damage.

This individual is believed to have lived on a coast where it died and fell into Coastal shores before drifting out to sea. Its corpse began to decompose, becoming buyoant and full of gas before it burst, causing its body to sink to the sea floor. Its collision with the sediment on the sea floor created an impact crater, causing a layer of mud to surround it and create anaerobic conditions which sealed away the corpse from decaying bacteria and scavengers.

Over time due to compaction by layers of sediment above, the animal’s body began to undergo mineralisation and produced the petrified beauty seen in this video.



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