This idea floated by Musk was first reverberated back in 2012 with a web series called H+. The series reiterates a world where the biological components of man and technology have been scientifically infused to create hi-tech humans, the transhumans. Over the years, however, what was once a science fiction has been slowly materializing to reality. The world is now gradually recognizing and accepting the fact that someday technological innovations like bioengineering might offer solutions to fatalities like cancer and even death.

Understanding Transhumanism

Transhumanism is an emerging movement that supports the use of technology to transcend man’s physical, psychological and intellectual capacity. It’s a form of utopian futurism that dates back to 1950 when biologists like Julian Huxley first came up with idea. Transhumanists view technological innovations, like mechanical implants, bioengineering, and genetic modifications capable of making man immortal.

Will Transhumanism Lead To The Loss Of Humanity?

The thought of a futuristic world with god-like, robotic beings is scary in a lot of ways. Critics of the Transhumanism movement have raised concern over the fact that this kind of development and change would lead to the loss of humanity and human qualities. There is also the concern of the rich being able to enter this new evolution earlier than the poor and thus causing chaos and some type of new world colonization.

Has The Age Of Transhumanism Begun?

The 21st century is experiencing the start of a futuristic world. Technologies like eugenics and bio-hacking aim at producing super humans with only the desired traits and genes. Transhumanists, however, refute this movement and prefer to lean on germinal choice and reprogenics. However, the fact remains that the more technology advances, the faster people will accept transhumanism.


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