“The Battle of Los Angeles” makes a very convincing argument for the presence of alien craft in our skies. The fact that something not of this Earth flew slowly over LA County is very clear.

There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses to the craft as it traveled apparently without being in any hurry while our military tried very hard to knock it out of the sky. Once the craft had slowly traveled out of range of our guns the battle was over. Since Pearl Harbor had happened only a few months before it was easy to believe that the Japanese had made the flight.

Now that theory simply doesn’t make any sense. If the Japanese had aircraft that were immune to our antiaircraft guns then the war would have taken a very different path. Even 60 years later no country on Earth have aircraft that can continue to fly without any apparent damage after being hit with even one antiaircraft shell. The aircraft that flew over LA County that night had to have been an alien craft.

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