Brought to you by the hunters at Outwest Farms in Okeechobee, Florida, this 780-pound alligator was caught just this week. The gator was caught at the Outwest Farms ranch by the owner, Lee Lightsey and his son Blake.

Two farmhands were along to help out. The rancher team reported that they went out to hunt hogs and ended up coming across the gator by mistake. See the picture below: The group has caught gators in the past, but with this one being so large, there was no way that they could pass this one up. What is now known as being the Godzilla gator, measured up to 15 feet?

When nine-year-old Mason Lightsey was asked about whether or not he was scared, he firmly states that he would ‘absolutely do it again’. The signature photo that has been circulating the web shows the gator being hoisted into the air, with the young hunter standing right beside it for comparison. Many people doubted that the photo was real, making claims that it was professionally photoshopped.

Although these claims circulated the web, the photo is actually real. This is not the first time that a gator this large has been caught. The state records of gator capture in Florida show that the largest ever recorded was a 1,043-pound gator.

The longest ever caught was 14 feet. As for what the farm looks to do with the alligator, they plan on selling the meats. The skin itself will go for more than $1,000. Although this gator is large, it won’t be making the record books, believe it or not. In spite of this, Lightsey is just glad that he was able to ‘have fun’ and spend time and memories with his son.

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