The revolutionary cosmetic surgery was carried out by leading Chinese plastic surgeon Guo Shuzhong this week.

The op took seven hours, and followed months of evolution for the new ear, which was removed from the patient’s arm and attached to his head.

The patient – known as Mr Ji – has undergone several operations to his face since the horrific crash in 2015.

Medics felt there was nothing that could be done about his missing ear however, leaving Mr Ji feeling despondent.

He told China News: “I lost one ear. I have always felt that I am not complete.”

Luckily Guo Shuzhong – responsible for China’s first face transplant op in 2006 – agreed to work his magic.

The medic, from the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, began by placing a skin expander inside Mr Ji’s right forearm.

Photo: Asiawire

Cartilage from the patient’s ribs was then used to create the new ear, and this was placed under the flap of expanded skin in his arm. After several months the replacement ear was deemed ready to be transplanted.

This was all in a day’s week for Guo, who said he and his team repeat the miracle procedure for about 500 children every year.

Mr Ji is expected to return home after two weeks in hospital. He told local media that he hoped he would now be able to live a normal life once again.

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