First things first – I am not a tree hugging, bird watching vegan trying to push an agenda here… I am merely giving you guys some info from my own experience and it’s info that I hope will educate some because in my opinion it WORKS.

The Japanese, the Chinese with their herbs, the Caribbean folk also, all these people throughout the years who sing the praises of pure food and herbs in society’s where there is minimal processing or GMO’s.

Over the last few years I have read many articles and forums which preach the benefits of eating healthy and intermittent fasting. Like many, I thought a lot of it was rubbish and little more then a trick to make people spend on overpriced ‘organic’ produce that was just as good down your local Mall/Supermarket.


For the past year I have been fasting for 2 days weekly and on the other 5 I have been eating herbs, nuts, berries, seeds, fish and the occasional white meat.

Please note I am not promoting the famous 5:2 diet here in any way, at least not intentionally, I wasn’t aware the 5:2 diet was a thing until around a month ago, I just happened to fast for 2 days a week as it suited me… but any how

The white meat I ate was sourced purely from my Uncles farm in the country (As was my vegetables) and the fish I ate was bought from fishmongers fresh, no packaging.

I also took to using a lot of herbs.

My results:

Over the last year I have lost 5 stone, my body fat percentage has gone down to 11%, my skin is clear, the dark bags under my eyes have disappeared, I have quit smoking, I feel energized.


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