People think the Food and Drug Administration is a government agency working to protect them. But the FDA works to protect Big Pharma and Big Food from any competition and allows them to hawk harmful chemical products as cures while blocking natural cures from the public.

An Amish farmer has learned this lesson the hard way and is facing a lifetime in prison for selling salves made from chickweed and bloodroot and a mixture of essential oils. These are all natural products, many of which people have growing in their yards, gardens or nearby forests, and are not drugs by any stretch.

Samuel Girod’s initial “crime” was in the labeling of his products. He claimed his products – Chickweed Healing Salve, TO-MOR-GONE and SineEze – could help cure certain conditions. One of the claims was that his balm cured skin cancer, a declaration rooted in a testament from a woman who told him his product had cured her skin cancer.

For the FDA this is a “no-no,” even (especially) when it’s true. He had been making these herbal concoctions for more than 20 years but came under the scrutiny of the FDA gestapo when someone from Missouri reported him to the state health department. But even after Girod changed his labeling to meet FDA requirements the agency continued its assault on him.

Chickweed is found all over the world growing wild. It contains ascorbic acid, betacarotene, calcium, coumarins, genistein, gammalinolenic acid, flavonoids, hentriacontanol, magnesim, niacin, oleic acid, potassium, riboflavin, rutin, selenium, triterpenoid saponins, thiamin and zinc. It is used the world over in alternative medicine as a diuretic and has been shown to eliminate ovarian cysts, cure bacterial infections, work as an astringent and cures skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and nettle burns. Many people eat the herb in salads because, in addition to the nutrients mentioned above, it’s rich in vitamin C and the B complex of vitamins.

Bloodroot grows in the forests of the Eastern U.S. and was used for centuries by the American Indians as a cure-all. It works on digestive problems and respiratory issues and, because it is caustic, removes skin tumors and warts.

There are hundreds of studies demonstrating the plant’s powerful alkaloid sanguinarine cures cancers.

In 20 years there are no complaints that Girod’s balms had harmed anyone. So his real crime was that he didn’t pay his penance to Big Brother.

Had he paid millions of dollars to the FDA and assorted agencies to get his concoctions approved, the FDA wouldn’t care what he did — even if they harmed or killed people.

Without consequences the pharmaceuticals peddle drugs that cure no one and harm and kill hundreds of thousands of people a year, and food companies are allowed to tout artificial products as natural foods and produce harmful nonfoods and chemical additives in the name of nutrition.

But a farmer selling natural products is treated like public enemy No. 1. That’s liberty in America.

For a complete breakdown of all the events that transpired to lead to Girod’s conviction go to Kentucky Free Press.

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