The Cheese Trap is a fascinating tour though all the things you never knew about America’s favorite addiction—and how to break free. If you’ve been looking to lose weight, tackle cholesterol, skin problems, headaches, joint pains, or respiratory troubles, or you just wanted to take an important step for the animals and the earth, this is the place to begin.

Some facts to know and share:

  • The average American eats 60,000 calories’ worth of cheese every year.
  • Two ounces of potato chips have 330 milligrams of sodium; two ounces of Velveeta have 800 mg.
  • Typical cheeses are 70% fat, most of which is saturated (“bad”) fat.
  • Most cheese contains estrogens, because dairy cows are pregnant most of the year.

The Cheese Trap also tells the bizarre facts about how cheese is made, why it smells the way it does, and how it affects your brain to keep you coming back for more.

Order the book today.

For additional health tips, tune in to Dr. Barnard’s new PBS special, the “Energy, Weight-Loss Solution,” which starts to air on PBS affiliates in early March 2017.


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