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I love it. Actual proof of carving stone smoothly using bronze and sound which basically cracks the mystery on the pyramids and other monoliths.

I also love how everyone is so indoctrinated into waiting for authority to tell them what to think that VIDEO PROOF is just dismissed as pseudo-science.

Wow, just, wow. TPTB have completely succeeded in dumbing everyone down and turning them into authority-worshipping automatons. Well played, sirs, well played.

Also, I can think of plenty of ways to generate sound without electricity (hell ancients probably had electricity they just tapped into it using Tesla’s methods and so didn’t have to run wires everywhere and have generators and all this bullshit us hairless apes have concocted in our complete and total blindless to reality).

But even without electricity I’m sure using crowds of voices and the proper resonating amplification materials LARGE stones could be worked like this. The larger the monument the greater testament to how many people you got WORKING IN HARMONY thus proving you to be the greatest leader.

Simple stuff, talked about quite a few times on Metaphysics Speaks Podcast ~ Tony

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