Operation High Jump is fascinating. But more so, is all the prior operations led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd. There is an interview floating around of Admiral Byrd from right before operation high jump.


What always strikes me as odd, or off about Antarctica, is that they knew how much untapped natural resources are there. It’s mind boggling really. It’s made of money. After WWII LOTS of countries were down there, exploring, trying to claim a piece of the pie, rebuilding economies after the war. After high jump? They. All. Left. Unilaterally, all countries pulled out. They returned home, and created the Antarctica Treaty. Up for revision in 2045.

They found something that scared the beegeezus out of them. And need to protect it.

There’s insane military presence by all nations of the treaty patrolling Antarctica.

There is so much more, and it’s mind boggling the stories out there about Antarctica.

Late December 2016: www.google.ca/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/science/massive-object-hidden-under-antarctic-9530858.amp

That’s just one place the story appears, a simple Google search yields many more.

This one here is one of my more recent favorites. December 2015.


And there were a lot of high profile individuals making trips down there recently…

John Kerry visiting Antarctica November 2016? During the election?


Antarctica peaks my interest. It’s really fun to dig and see what’s up.

This one although not directly related to Antarctica, it notes that Antarctica is the closest land mass to this spot…


Edit: I’ve gotten the names mixed up. High jump and Deep Feeze. It was after deep freeze the treaty was signed and Antarctica locked up, ha! en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Deep_Freeze

Here are Antarctic anomalies you can go check out for yourself with Google Earth

Pyramid: 81°57’41.15″W 79°58’38.32″S

14-mile structure: -70.177653, 87.824707

Giant staircase: 68°54’57.42″S ,88° 1’49.92″E

Saucer shape: 74°38’18.53″ S 164°31’48.53″ E

Caves: 66°33’12.33″S, 99°50’20.37″E and 66°36’12.69″S, 99°43’12.44″E

Sea creature: 63°2’56.73″S 60°57’32.38″W

More caves: -66° 36′ 12.58″, +99° 43′ 12.72″

10.5 mile long tubular structure: 80°20’37.37″S 83°28’44.23″E

Cylinder Cascade: 69°14’13.60″S 75°35’15.66″E

Middle of Something: 76°52’34.71″S 150°12’36.23″W

More lines: 75°22’24.89″S 135°17’52.62″W

Line of lines: 76°57’40.81″S 118°20’55.60″W

Another giant staircase: 76°26’46.72″S 119°14’13.57″W

Yet another line: 72°30’7.99″S 10°33’15.98″W

Perfect circle (crater?): 71°20’54.86″S 13°33’49.44″E

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