NASA sprayed Americans with lithium. Lithium is used to treat conditions of mania. But many feel the drug causes people to become robotic, less-creative versions of themselves (that makes sense). Lithium strongly alters our brain chemistry. Doctors have long been afraid of the dosing schedule citing a fear of the unknown.

This however, did not stop NASA from apparently dosing all of us with Lithium. There excuse being that it was “harmless to the environment.” Speaking of the project, NASA stated:

The project is studying neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere and how each affects the way the other moves resulting in currents in the region. The variations matter because all of our communications and GPS satellites send signals through the ionosphere. A disturbed ionosphere translates to disturbed signals, so scientists want to know just what causes the ionosphere to behave in specific ways.”

The NASA employee also volunteers the term “chemtrails” without being prompted. See for yourself.

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