What are some good brands to avoid due to bad ethics?


  • believes water isn’t a basic human right, and sometimes deprives villages of potable water
  • uses child labor and slavery
  • concern for public health is mostly bluster
  • very large polluter
  • made deals with dictator Robert Mugabe
  • promotion of – and, at times, flat-out false advertising of – unhealthy products
  • marketing of infant formula that could put babies at risk
  • other things
  • is a list of Nestle brands


Tyson Foods

  • various animal cruelty incidents
  • safety violations & workplace fatalities
  • workers assaulted by Tyson management
  • exploitation & harassment of foreign employees
  • are Tyson Foods brands



  • profiteering poisonous chemical company posing as agribusiness
  • building a monopoly, putting farmers out of work
  • controlling the food, privatizing the water
  • running the FDA, writing its own protection laws
  • continuing environmental nightmares
  • primary manufacturer of Agent Orange
    • it should be noted that the U.S. government hired Monsanto and other companies for making Agent Orange, but Monsanto was the largest manufacturer
  • corporate controlled food supply
  • dealings in censorship and false advertising
  • massive bribery and heavy political influence
  • other things
  • is a list of brands that use Monsanto products



  • supporting repressive regimes
  • devastating indigenous peoples and wildlife habitats
  • fuelling unrest in troubled areas
  • colluding in human rights violations
  • these
  • are BP brands



  • Heavily Overpricing Pharmaceuticals
  • Price fixing (Pfizer labeled as Top Corporate Criminal)
  • Pfizer cares for your health, as long as the company sees profit
  • Pfizer & Aids
  • Lawsuit South Africa
  • Drugs = Soft Drinks
  • Pfizer steals indigenous knowledge
  • Pfizer ‘illegally tested drugs on children’
  • Pfizer sells dysfunctional heart valves
  • Heart attack link to arthritis drugs
  • Animal suffering
  • Luring doctors
  • Pfizer’s theory of philanthropy
  • Twelve billion dollar Business park –PfizerWorld
  • Pfizer helps out the tobacco industry
  • here
  • are a few Pfizer brands



  • bribery & tax evasion
  • underpaid labor
  • Dick Cheney’s political influence on government contracts
  • partnering or engaging with some of the most repressive regimes in the world
  • allegedly killing Nigerian protestors
  • attempting to avoid paying-up for asbestos claims
  • security lapses and radioactive leaks at nuclear dockyard


  • For a number of reasons, the most egregious being that they knowingly sold HIV contaminated medical supplies in Asia and Africa after the USA told them to destroy the tainted stockpile. This directly resulted in nearly 100,000 new HIV infections and an unknown amount of secondary and tertiary infections.

There are many others, but since this post is getting lengthy, I’ll let you do your own research and reading:


This list goes on and on.  If you would like me to add more, contact me @ www.metacenterchicago.com


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