Many of us who are into the Occult (Hidden), Universal, Metaphysical and duality sciences understand at the minimal that there are many levels to this ladder.

Without getting into a dissertation focusing on the feminine principal which is represented in the physical world by the woman.  

And in turn, the top of the feminine archetype or the feminine universal principal is represented by the Black/Melananted woman especially in the physical plane here on earth she is the creator of all civilization.

When you see major block buster movies and they depict something sublime, but intrusive, hidden but seen, so that it is picked up on purposely by the subconscious, one has to understand much planning went into that scene to make it just that. 

Here is such a scene from the movie “Jupiter Ascending” that has many meanings and none of them are good.  

Please see below for pictures:


vlc_2016-04-22_19-09-33 vlc_2016-04-22_19-10-50

vlc_2016-04-22_19-11-10 vlc_2016-04-22_19-11-29 vlc_2016-04-22_19-11-50 vlc_2016-04-22_19-12-12

Did you notice the Crown?  The Locks (Dread)?  The sadness?  Being displayed as a trophy as one does an animal that has been conquered/destroyed/killed?

A vivid display of the conquered of the highest of principals.  Not “the conquering,” but the conquered.

What say you?

~ Tony

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