I am Natalie J, formerly Producer/Host of NATALIE J THE NIGHT TRAIN (Houston, TX). My crew and I decided to embark upon a new experience while residing in the southwest.

Welcome to our new look and relocation where we will provide the same quality interviews (for those of you who know us); and provocative, informative, educational and innovative conversations with leaders from the world of Meta-physics to the Business community.

Recently, I have met a few students in the Film and Television/Radio Industry, (on camera/on mic) and some with an Iphone/Android (camera) and no background. After engaging in a brief conversation, I decided to create this

FREE pdf focusing on the “interviewer’s style” and focus.”smiley

What is the purpose of the interview?

And, why should I stand here and speak with you (novice)?

Provide us your email address.

Integrity is important to us and we will not breach your trust by sharing your email address and information.

Follow the instructions below.

Welcome to our “new” show and we look forward to you visiting us

Saturdays morning at 10:00 CST for our latest interviews.

If you have any questions send us an email…

[email protected]

Enjoy your journey in life,

Natalie J


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