When we think of being grounded, we sometimes think of being humble, modest, or rooted to our true selves so as to honor the moment in our highest self possible. Whether it is coming to the hour of an important life decision or someone we care and love dearly who needs the most of our undivided attention, it is critical to be grounded in our soul self in grandeur moments.

Being grounded means that you are centered and balanced with who you are on a soul level. It means you’re wholly connected to truest, most authentic self.

When you’re grounded you make decisions that honor and respect your soul’s needs, while respecting and honoring the rights of another.

If you are going to be making any major life decisions, such as those related to relationship or career, or if you are stepping into a conversation that requires and deserves your utmost attention and care – it’s important to be grounded.

30 Ways To Ground Yourself

  1. Meditate outside
  2. Get close to a tree (lean, hug, touch)
  3. Go for a walk (anywhere)
  4. Eat more root vegetables
  5. Sit near stream or river
  6. Breathe in fresh air
  7. Cook a meal from scratch
  8. Burn natural incense
  9. Cuddle an animal
  10. Do yard work
  11. Go birdwatching
  12. Hunt for crystals (in a mine or in a shop)
  13. Get physical with exercise
  14. Lay in the sun
  15. Grow your own herbs and vegetables
  16. Hike to natural rock faces
  17. Read a book outside
  18. Disconnect from technology
  19. Lay on your back and look at the clouds
  20. Pamper your physical body
  21. Have sex (with yourself or with someone else)
  22. Have a real conversation
  23. Work on an intricate craft that requires your hands
  24. Go sit somewhere in nature
  25. And turn off your phone while you do it
  26. Find some birds . . . feed them
  27. Listen to earthy music
  28. Create your own music
  29. Write
  30. Cry

Practicing just one of these things can help you get back to a state of centeredness and connection to who you truly are on a soul level.

Source: www.amandalinettemeder.com

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