The RA SEKHI HEALING RITUAL was performed in Labadee, Haiti.

This healing ritual was guided by Mama Mut Kajara Nia Yaa and attended by members of the Ra Sekhi 2013 Royal Caribbean Cruise to Haiti and Jamaica with Dr. Delbert Blair.

Ra Sekhi Arts Temple of Healing was founded by Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet in 2007. Since then we have attuned over one hundred people in over 10 states. We have continued the tradition of our ancestors in passing the energy and lessons. We have practitioners in most major cities and will continue to share our lessons to promote health and wellness in our community.

This is a LIVING MEDITATION. As you watch, engage your energy. Participate in the event. Make it your own prayer and offering for Peace and Harmony throughout the Known Universe.
When it gets to the part of the video with the libations, please participate as if you are there! The addition of your prayers/meditation/focus/intentional awareness will add to the bounty this new year and beyond.

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Ra Sekhi – Kemetic Reiki Healing Ritual
with Mut Kajara Nia Yaa

Labadee, Haiti – December 4, 2013

Introductions by Alisha Kier
Honored Elder, Dr. Delbert Blair

Drumming by, Dr. Khailfani Rivers
“I am a Shining Light” & “Ankh Udja Seneb”
CD: Sunrise Ritual – Vocals by Rekhit Kajara Nebthet
Recorded & Produced by Yahshua
“Magician” – CD: Medicine Bag (2012)
Performed by Sound Therapy Ensemble



Ra Sekhi Arts Temple
Facebook: Ra Sekhi Arts Temple

Dr. Khailfani Rivers

Handheld Camera & Editing by Prema Qadir

Produced by WEBVDO.NET

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