The Awakening


The awakening happens when a person begins to come out of their slumber and begins to think for themselves.  How much so depends on how awake they are.  When humanity begins an awakening it is not in the best interest of any of the aforementioned entities to allow.  They need to keep you in fear, they need to keep you looking toward them for guidance.  Because if you were to awake and no longer needed them, then they will be forever unable to feed off of you as their living energy source.

When one is not awake most of the thoughts that they have, have come from outside of themselves and injected into them.  Most external thoughts come from but not limited to tv, radio, movies etc.  To keep yourself from creating these negative thought forms it is best to separate from what is negative.  Rather it be not watching tv, staying away from certain people, etc.

As discussed during today’s lecture (06/20/2015) there are many ways one can raise their vibration; if one included all the ways discussed it would without a doubt help to transform the mind, body and soul.


A bit of history of the supposed races that have been discussed since the early to mid 1900s by the likes of

Billy Meier billy, Madam Helena Blavatsky iblavat001p1, Hitler adolf-hitler, The Beast Aleister Crowley aleister and others of negative energy fraternities, sororities and bloodlines.


Arcturians are the benevolent beings from the Bootes Constellation that have kept planet Earth safe
from the evil agendas of both the Grey Alien and the Reptilian Alien.  Arcturian Aliens possess
universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health and allow humans to
tap into their teachings through Arcturian Alien Channeling’s.  Arcturians teach about love, peace, and
spirit; however, Arcturians also possess the might of war!  Through the use of the Arcturian Starship
Athena, Arcturians are able to protect Earth with a unbelievable force.  Many who follow the
teachings of the Arcturians are beginning the revolution of the conscious age that will one day lead
humans to the powerful and mystical forces the Arcturians practice today!

They look similar to greys, tend to be a bit lighter in color, taller, and a more elongated head.

Reptilian Xindi - Shape-shifting Royal

Reptilian Aliens are said to originate from the Draco Constellation and are alien beings that consume
negative energies throughout the Universe.  Because Reptilian Aliens need the digestion of negative
energies to survive, they created the slave race of Grey Alien.  Today, Reptilians and their agenda
have become a pop-culture phenomenon because of the efforts of Mr. David Icke and his continuous
teaching of the true nature, agenda, and influence of the Reptilians.  Some theories purpose that
Reptilians also evolved here on Earth; however, the Draco Reptilian Aliens made it a point to ensure
Earth-evolved Reptilian Aliens did not have the opportunity to evolve into an advance race of
Earth-evolved Reptilian Aliens.

Can range in height from 6ft to over 10ft tall.  Weight is equivalent to 2-3x the size of a fully grown male at same height.  Strength is usually 3-5x more than a male who is in shape at same height.

They rule with an iron fist, instituting the rule of draco, where ever they go.  They feed off of fear and hate those who show various attributes of love.  They hate the Paledians but understand to further their agenda, they most work with them.  They, the Draconian’s and the Paledians as well as the Greys and the Acturians are from a universe where compassion, love, and empathy do not exist.


Grey Aliens are cloned alien beings created by Reptilian Alien as a slave race.  Since their revolt against
the oppressive regime of the Reptilian Aliens the Grey Aliens have wondered into the far reached of the
milky-way Galaxy and the Universe.  Grey Alien are responsible for many close encounters experienced
by modern day people and have become a pop-culture phenomenon since the reports of Roswell, New
Mexico and Area 51 that is said to house dead remains of Grey Aliens.  Today, it is alluded to that Grey Aliens
have made secret agreements with Earthly governments.  These agreements allow the Grey Aliens to
experiment with human test subjects to find a solution to their most dire problem, the extinction of the
Grey Alien race.

They are typically short, skinny, big eyes, big round head, childish appearance.

Highly intelligent, and mathematical geniuses.  Their off spring are said to be some of the oriental people.


Pleiadians are said to resemble humans in form; however, they are highly advanced spiritual beings.
Pleiadians are believed to exist in a different space-time dimension because of their ability to harness
the powers of the higher spiritual planes.  The Pleiadians are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the
planet Erra which orbits the star 10-Tauri (also known as Taygeta).  Pleiadians are said to be refugees
from the Lyran Wars.  Brought into light by the controversial alien contactee and prophet Billy Meier,
Pleiadians, known as Plejaren by Billy Meier.

Typically tall, slender, very light or white complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.

Domineering and controlling are their attributes.  Jealousy rules their spirit and they want the soul of man to suffer by any means necessary.

They rule, psychology, banking, social matters and rank or caste systems within societies.  They institute the theology of no race mixing. Because mixing with the melanin races brings into them attributes they rather not have, such as compassion.

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